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New Year, New Gains


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About the challenge

I am so excited to announce our next challenge in the app, “New Year, New Gains”! I know you’ve heard “look good, feel good”, but we’re changing it to “FEEL good, look good”. This challenge is focused on feeling our best. What does that mean? That means increasing our energy levels, improving our cardio and strength, and feeling confident in our skin! There will be 5 workouts a week, a community to help cheer you on, and prizes to be won.

Join us on January 1st 2024!

I love leg days! Your workouts absolutely obliterate me but I'm seeing so much progress! Thank you!!!
Almost forgot how great it feels to workout! Today's workout kicked my butt, but it making me excited for my journey again!
Amazing! Such a burn! Nice and simple which I love. Been struggling to do a workout lately but this helped soooo much
Amazing! Just what needed. You will break a sweat! Don't underestimate it just because it's a DB work out only.
Best leg workout I've ever done! Finished your 6 week program today! LOVED IT! Can't wait for the next one!! Keep 'em coming girl!
After finishing your 10 week dumbbell only workout guide several times this was a refreshing change and a good challenge. A great workout, as always!

🏆 What you can win

  • Grand prize: $1,500

  • 2nd prize: $500

  • 3rd prize: $250

🥇 How to win

There are only 3 simple steps to win this Challenge!

  • Be active, support, and participate regularly in the community

  • Complete the weekly scheduled workouts and leave a comment in the app when you complete your workout

  • When the challenge comes to an end, make sure before/after photos are complete, and submit the healthy habits you've gained throughout the challenge

✍️ How to enter


Download my app: Try for 7 days free!

Sign up for the challenge on this page and then download the app to access the workouts. If you are already subscribed to my app, you'll have access to the challenge automatically.


Sign up: Be sure to sign up for the challenge

Whether you're new here or already have my app downloaded, make sure to sign up for the challenge below to be eligible for the prizes!


Submit before & after photos

Please upload a before photo at the start (no later than Sun Jan 7th) and an after photo when the challenge ends (no later than Sun Feb 18th) to show the growth!

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