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Sustainability is the Goal
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Sustainability is the Goal

Introducing the Amin Nafar app
My Playbook will help you pack on muscle, consistently, all whilst enjoying the foods you eat! Train with me to get strong, lose body fat, and learn how to make your fitness routine sustainable.
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Full-body training 
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Full-body training programs

Train in the gym or at-home with these workouts & see real results.

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PLUS, new workouts every week!

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Meet Amin Nafar

Heyyo! Amin here. Thanks for checking out my page! My approach to fitness is all about sustainability. Why do something if you can’t stick to it forever right? I’m completely against “dieting”. You should enjoy the foods you eat with little to no deprivation! Your fitness goals should never come at the cost of your social life and time spent with family and friends. That’s the philosophy I’ve used to get in the best shape of my life and I want that for YOU! If this interests you sign up for my app. Let’s get absolutely shredded together!

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