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A practice where movement, energy + consciousness intersect.
Ashley’s teaching offers an exploration of self through a transformative blend of wellness practices. You will become an explorer in your own body & learn to self witness as we journey through the internal landscape. Each class is designed to pacify the nervous system in order to create greater harmony & health on a neurobiological level. In a class, you will experience the profound impact of somatic based yoga, breathwork, meditation & embodiment to cultivate a greater sense of wellbeing. Soma - is Greek for the “body” in its wholeness. A somatic approach to yoga honors the whole self as it relates to the physical, mental, emotional, & energetic facets of our wellbeing. Yoga, meditation, & mindfulness are clinically proven to reduce psychological & emotional stress. Our mindset, emotions, beliefs, & alignment with our spirit impacts us on a physiological level. Thus, our wellness practice must acknowledge all aspects of our “soma” to create whole health. Awakening to the language of the body helps us access an internal source of wisdom that guides our healing process. The body is a vehicle for self transformation.
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Get to know Ashley

Ashley is a wellness educator & teacher based in Charleston, South Carolina. She feels most inspired in nature. Her interests outside of wellness include travel, music, art, & spending time with her fiancee & dogs! Ashley has been on her own healing journey for the last ten years & it is her utmost passion to share the mindfulness practices that have changed her life with others. Mindfulness is more than a practice - it is a mindset & way of being that creates space for a meaningful and conscious lifestyle. This approach to living will encourage you to develop greater self-awareness and make conscious choices that elevate your wellbeing and that of the planet. Mindfulness allows us to connect to the depths of our humanity. To tend to the soul of the world. Imagine if we all moved through life with greater intention & reverence? This is Ashley’s wish for the collective & a driving force behind her work. Join Ashley Lauren Wellness to journey into deeper connection, presence, & meaning. On your mat & in your life.

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My Education & Certifications

300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, & Yin Yoga

Usui Reiki Master

Energy Healing

Meditation & Breathwork Instructor

Somatic Healing & Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist

International Yoga & Wellness Retreat Leader

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