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Total Body Tone Challenge


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Welcome to my Total Body Tone Challenge!

I’m so happy you’re here. Before we dive into these six weeks, we’re going to kick the challenge off with an optional pre-challenge “buy-in” so you can see where your strength and endurance are at, and end with a “cash-out” to see how much progress you made over the course of the challenge. These will be 3 quick workouts testing you for time/reps. You can find them under “Total Body Tone” in my app this week. Let’s get this started! Now for the challenge! The style of this program is called “General Physical Preparedness.” This is a full-body program that is designed to combine strength, power, and endurance. This will completely prepare you across the board for all types of fitness. I know Mondays can be tough, especially when we’re relaxing on the weekends. That’s why I’m recommending that recovery days are Wednesday and Sunday for this split, so we’re keeping our bodies moving on the weekend and starting off Monday energized. There will be 5 days of workouts, with 2 optional recovery days. PLUS - make sure to check out my new resistance bands which are available to purchase today! We’ll be using bands for some of the workouts in both the home & gym versions.

See what past participants are saying!

This challenge was so great for me. I wasn’t perfect with my nutrition but I was realistic with eating to meet my goals that I can keep doing over time not just in 4 weeks. I’ve already found out I love...
Heather M.
I love how hard it pushed me! I did moves that were WAY out of my comfort zone. The results that came were unreal! I loved this training and definitely plan to continue. I feel more confident and happy in my...
Emily B.
This challenge has been such a game changer for me. Sticking to my macros and working out everyday was a challenge and I wasn’t always perfect. So much self doubt would creep in and tell me I couldn’t finish....
Holly S.
I already submitted some after photos, but I wanted to see my side by side comparison so I’m showing you, as well. And I want to leave a testimonial, too. This was my first challenge with you and my first...
Aubrey D.
The Stronger You 2022 Challenge has really pushed me to focus on the build rather than the loss. After recovering from surgery, I found myself softer than I care to admit, but I was ready to commit. People...
Rachel B.

🏆 What you can win

  • 1

    1st place: $1,000 CASH, AubrieFit Bands, Bala Hourglass foam roller, Bala 1lb bangles, 1-year app subscription & 1 free macro adjustment

  • 2

    2nd place: $200 CASH + Nike shoes

  • 3

    3rd place: $100 CASH + AirPods

🥇 How to win

  • 1

    I will choose 3 winners from the before/after pictures that are submitted.

  • 2

    Share your journey in the private Facebook group. Meet other #trainwithaubrie participants, engage in motivational tips, and be a part of the amazing community.

  • 3

    Download this graphic and share it on social using #TotalBodyToneChallenge, so I can see how you're doing throughout the challenge!

  • 4

    (optional) For best results, I recommend purchasing a custom macro count so you can step up your nutrition game throughout the challenge...and beyond!

  • 5

    (optional) Prepare for the challenge by buying my new resistance bands here - you'll be using them for some of the gym AND home exercises!

✍️ How to enter


Submit before and after photos

Take a BEFORE picture no later than Friday, April 29th with a sign that says "TOTAL BODY TONE" and submit below. Make sure to submit front, back & side photo (in good lighting)! At the end of the challenge, take an AFTER picture by Friday, June 10th with a sign that says "TOTAL BODY TONE".

Make sure you have my app

Download the app to access the "Total Body Tone" challenge! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit before/after photos, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge in the workout section of the app!

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Follow me on IG and tag me in your journey @aubrieedgington using #TotalBodyToneChallenge.

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