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Strip For Summer Challenge

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About the Challenge

I curated this program for women who want to be in our power. Strip for Summer is my 4-week program that allows you to commit to yourself and improve your next chapter: mentally, emotionally, and physically. The concept is that you begin the program wearing what you’re fully comfortable in — maybe sweatpants and a hoodie or yoga pants and a tank. By the end, take off the clothes that cover your insecurities and wear less with confidence. Maybe you’re wanting to wear shorts this summer, or a bikini! Each week, you will have 5 days of workouts —3 days will be an hour long, 2 days will be 20-30 minutes long. You’ll learn to connect with your body more during these little-to-no equipment classes. Inspired by yoga, barre, and movement, I’ve designed these classes to distract you from the physical workout and immerse you in the music and positive reinforcement. I want to help you get to an empowered state, where you leave feeling happy about simply being you and embracing your body. REMEMBER: your purpose is way bigger than anyone’s opinions of you. Go ahead and just love your life. Do things you’re afraid of. Take your life and make it the best story ever written. Confidence is key in knowing your worth! That’s where I come in, I want to help you create that Queen-mentality where you accept yourself, let go of the BS holding you back, and start to celebrate your body!

Why people love my app

“I've never been able to make myself do sports, I get so bored and unmotivated that I don't even start and then I found you with various workouts to choose from and each one of them has that aesthetics of...
"I hate working out, I hate sweating, and feeling uncomfy, like my body is bitching at me for pushing it. I've begun actually looking forward to working out on your app 'vibe out' as you say. You have shown...
“It was so great. I feel stronger, more confident and capable (which happened to be one of my mantras). Bailey, you have made working out something that I enjoy! Even right before bed at the end of a long day...
“I began this challenge with hopes of releasing some built up stress and trauma. I feel like I have started to unlock and let go of some of it and have gained confidence in myself along the way. I feel...
“Emotional, strengthing, opening, releasing...I finally feel receptive to the benefits of the hard work I put forth on a daily basis. Thank you Bailey for placing my hand on the door and giving me the support...
“I found the challenge life-changing. I started the challenge post-knee surgery and infected with covid and therefore confined to my bedroom in isolation. Your challenge was what got me out of bed each day....

🏆 What you can win

  • 1

    1st Place

    • YESOUL Bike
    • $500 cash
    • Nomi Active
    • Olipop
    • Beam
    • Free 1-year subscription to app
    • Free 30 min video chat (Huddle) with Bailey
  • 2

    2nd Place

    • $300
    • Nomi Active
    • Olipop
    • Beam
    • Free 1-year subscription to app
    • Free 30 min video chat (Huddle) with Bailey
  • 3

    3rd Place

    • $100
    • Nomi Active
    • Olipop
    • Beam
    • Free 1-year subscription to app
    • Free 30 min video chat (Huddle) with Bailey
  • 4


    • Nomi Active gifts each week based on social media engagement (this could be photos, comments on the app videos, screenshot of the app shared on stories, etc.)

🥇 How to win

To be eligible for the weekly prizes, we will be looking for engagement daily in TikTok duets and/or on Instagram, as well as in-app comments on the completed classes.

I will be choosing a winner based on the visible confidence in the first photo to the second photo (examples: going from a sweatshirt to a sports bra. A simply brighter smile. A gesture in your after photo that shows your success. Postural changes. Maybe even body changes if you’re comfortable), as well as consistency and engagement throughout the challenge.

Submit progress photos to be eligible for the grand finale prize and engage in app and on social media for weekly prizes.

Download and share this graphic on social media and tag me @bailey.nomi

✍️ How to enter


Download my app

Access the “Strip for Summer” challenge in my app! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit before/after photos, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge in the workout section of the app!

Submit before & after photos

To be eligible for the grand prize, make sure to submit a "Before" photo (holding a sign STRIP FOR SUMMER CHALLENGE— Before) no later than Friday June 17th and submit an "After" photo (holding a sign STRIP FOR SUMMER CHALLENGE — After) no later than Friday July 13th.

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Follow me on IG and TikTok and tag me in your journey @bailey.nomi

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