Body By KB

Become the strongest, most confident version of yourself

Become the strongest, most confident version of yourself

Introducing the Body by KB app
Learn how to reach your goals and sustain the best results. My workouts will be mostly gym-based, although I will post beginner-friendly dumbbell workouts that can be done at home. I recommend having a fully equipped gym with machines, dumbbells and barbells/smith machines.
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Full-body training 
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Full-body training programs

Train a different set of muscle groups every day with these workouts.

Train Like Me (my exact workouts!)


Core Workouts

Glute Workouts

PLUS, new workouts every week!

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Meet Body by KB

I'm Kylie and I am an online fitness coach and content creator. After battling an eating disorder for nearly 10 years, I finally came to a point where I stopped trying to shrink, and started building myself up. I learned that the smallest version of myself, was ultimately not the happiest version of myself. Being inside a gym quickly became one of my biggest passions. Although I had no guidance, I trusted myself enough to learn. I learned the in and outs of weight loss, weight gain, and strength training through personal experience before deciding to become a certified personal trainer at the age of 22. Through all the knowledge I’ve learned, it is my ultimate goal to help others the way I once needed by sharing all the tips, tricks, and in & outs to strength training in order to become the best and most confident version of yourself.

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