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About the Challenge

I’m SO EXCITED to invite you to join me for my first ever CORE CHALLENGE! Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just getting back into your fitness routine postpartum, I’ve made this for everyone who wants to add a little challenge to their summer! At home or in the gym, these 6 weeks will challenge you to build new habits, a strong foundation, and CONFIDENCE by keeping a commitment to yourself!
I didn’t know anything about going to the gym until I started following Brittany! She is so genuine and I love everything she shares!! I also love that she is educating women on what really works! Thanks...
Good!! Easy to follow, short and sharp - loved it :grin:
Great lift!!! Felt so good! I didn’t want to come today and wow I am so glad I did. Thank you!!

About the Challenge

If there’s one thing I could tell everyone getting into fitness, it’s that training for life is the outlook that will take you the farthest! It’s easy to chase PR’s, but it’s even easier to overlook the importance of a solid foundation when it comes to our training. A stable and strong core is the foundation for EVERYTHING we do, in the gym and in living an active lifestyle. Get ready to challenge yourself!


If you know me, then you know there are a few things I believe in when it comes to nutrition! Choosing whole nutrient dense foods does not only pay off when it comes to your physique and the gym, but for your body and lifetime! Moderation and balance will look different for everyone and for your goals, but you can’t argue science! During this challenge, focus on preparing your grocery lists ahead of time, cooking more meals at home, including fruits & veggies everyday, staying hydrated and prioritizing protein. New recipes will be added each week of the challenge to help keep you inspired in the kitchen during this 6 week challenge.

🏆 What you can win

There are prizes every week, but two grand prizes given out:


$500 Cash

Healthy Girl Summer Bundle (valued at $150): New water bottle, AirPods, slippers, journal, slip hair ties, claw clips, Gymshark socks, Gymshark mini backpack

  • Week 1 - $50 PEScience Giftcard

  • Week 2 - $50 PEScience Giftcard

  • Week 3 - $50 PEScience Giftcard

  • Week 4 - $50 PEScience Giftcard

  • Week 5 - $100 Gymshark gift card

  • Week 6 - 2 grand prizes given out

🥇 How to win

  • Complete all 6 weeks of the program

  • Engage in the Facebook community

  • Tag me on Instagram and review the program

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