Brittany Lupton Let's Lift Challenge

Let's Lift Challenge

4 Weeks - Final photos due June 9th!

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About the challenge

Get ready to push some heavier weight, make some muscle gains, and test your limits in the gym. My NEW 4-Week Strength Challenge launches on May 1st and will help you fall in love with becoming the strongest version of yourself, learn to push past your mental barriers, and put in the work! Focus on what your body CAN DO and I guarantee you the mental and physical results will follow. This challenge implements progressive overload where you will be increasing your load each week. This is designed to push you mentally and physically and to overcome any mental blocks you have around lifting.

This program includes:

Weekly Workouts

Demonstration videos for each exercise

Written descriptions

In-app features to track your progress and weights

Nutrition tips and recipes

Access to a Private FB Group for accountability and community support

Get ready to feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, and LIFT MORE. Join this challenge & LET’S GET THIS LIFT!!!!!

I am going through the hardest times of my life in every aspect right now. This challenge has truly helped me find myself and a whole new mindset. I believe in myself...
Maegan L.
If I’m being honest, I really needed a kick in the butt to get going again after having my 2nd child. It’s so hard to see your body change so drastically and my goals seemed so far away that...
McKenzie J.
I loved it… it felt so good getting back to a routine with set workouts and having a plan for everyday. Knowing I wasn’t doing it alone helped motivate me....
Morgan T.

🏆 What you can win

  • 1x $500 CASH

  • 1x $200 GYMSHARK GC

  • 1x $150 BEAM GC

  • 1x Annual App Membership

🥇 How to win

  • 1

    Complete all 4 weeks of the program & track your progress in the app

  • 2

    Engage with the Facebook community

  • 3

    Tag me @_brittanylupton on Instagram and submit a final testimonial at the end of the challenge!

✍️ How to enter


Sign up for the challenge & submit before photo

Make sure to submit your before photos & goal to sign up prior to Friday May 5th! Plus, don't forget to join my Facebook group.


Download the app

Your first week is FREE...& check out my new 7-day JumpStart program before the challenge begins!


Tag me & submit a testimonial

Remember, to be eligible to win you'll need to tag me on Instagram @_brittanylupton and submit a final testimonial by Friday June 9th with your photos at the end of the challenge.

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