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About this challenge

Let's Lift, Let’s COMMIT!

This year is about keeping your promises to yourself & that means committing to a training program that can work with YOUR life and YOUR goals!

My NEW 4-week challenge will help you build better habits and fall in love with the process of showing up and putting in the work through how you move and fuel your body. You don’t have to hate yourself to have New Year's gym resolutions or health goals! Let’s commit to feeling stronger mentally and physically this year. This challenge has the workouts, recipes, and community to support you if you’re ready to pick a program and crush some fitness goals with me as your gym bestie!

🏆 What you can win

FREE MEAL PREP RECIPE BOOK for everyone who joins!

  • BEAM supplements

  • One 3-month app subscription

  • One 12-month app subscription

  • Four 1-on-1 Check-In Chats

  • Two $100 Gymshark gift cards

  • 2 CASH prize Winners — $250 and $500

Pick one of my 6 programs!

Structured for your specific goals:

**NEW** SHRED PROGRAM: 5-Day Split | Glutes, Upper, HIIT + Core, Full Legs, Goal: Lose Fat, Build Muscle

Choose this program if you want to challenge yourself to start seeing definition. This is the perfect mix of resistance training to help you build muscle for the long term, but also get a killer sweat in with fantastic HIIT workouts and core challenges. Pair it with my new meal prep book to help you tackle nutrition and start seeing results!

GLUTES: 5-Day Split | 3x Lower Body & 2x Upper Body
Goal: Grow Your Glutes, Define Upper Body

Follow this program for an emphasis on glute-specific lower body days, while also having upper body programming to follow on days you’re not training glutes.

CORE PROGRAM: 3-4 Day Split | 3 Core Workouts & One HIIT
Goal: Strengthen Core, Build Foundation

It’s EASY to overlook the importance of a solid foundation, and a stable and strong core is the foundation for EVERYTHING we do in the gym and in living an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just getting back into your fitness routine postpartum, this program is a perfect one to incorporate. It can be done on its own, or with another training program.

AT HOME & DB ONLY PROGRAM: 4-Day Split | 2x Lower Body & 2x Upper Body
Goal: Stay Strong, Confident, and Active

Perfect for a busy season, this program can be done at-home with limited equipment, or at the gym during peak hours when you don’t want to wait for a barbell or machines. Great for beginners or those who want to get in, and get out!

BEGINNER PROGRAM: 4-Day Split | 2x Upper: Push/Pull & 2x Lower: Legs/Glutes
Goal: Build Muscle and Strength in the Gym (Beginner's Program)

A great way to learn fundamental movements, this program ticks all the boxes! You won’t have to worry about your training split or making sure you’re hitting EVERY muscle group. Perfect for someone just starting out, or those trying to get back into a regular lifting routine!

ADVANCED PROGRAM: 4-Day Split | 2x Upper: Push/Pull & 2x Lower: Legs/Glutes
Goal: Build Muscle and Strength in the Gym

If you're comfortable in the gym and ready to take your training to the next level, this is the perfect lifting program for you! The basics never go away, but increased volume and intensity will up the output with these lifts!

What's included:

FREE MEAL PREP RECIPE BOOK for everyone who joins!

  • 4-week gym training and nutrition guide

  • BRAND NEW 4-week meal prep recipe guide INCLUDING weekly grocery/ingredient lists

  • Workout schedule with 45 to 60 min sessions, 5 times per week

  • Mix of circuit training and weight training

  • Weekly core challenges

  • Instructional workout videos for every exercise

  • Written instructional cues for each exercise

🥇 How to win

Winners will be chosen based off of community engagement and before/after pics. Sign up for my Facebook group and post updates on Instagram and tag me @_brittanylupton!

✍️ How to enter


Download the app

Sign up for the challenge and then download my app. If you're already subscribed to the app, you'll be able to access the challenge — but don't forget you still need to sign up and submit photos to be eligible to win prizes!


Pick a program & commit

Pick one of my 6 programs and commit to it for the duration of the challenge!


Submit before/after pics

Submit your before pictures by January 6. Submit after photos by January 26.


Join my community

Join my exclusive Facebook community. Tag me on Instagram @_brittanylupton.

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