Chelsea Williams - Rising Up Handstands Challenge 2.0

Rising Up: Handstands Challenge 2.0

Please submit your final handstand photos/vids by February 6th

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Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining me for my Rising Up: Handstands Challenge! I hope you gained a lot of knowledge, tips, and started finding some solid time on your hands! I'm so proud of you for showing up for yourself everyday and overcoming fears. This practice is so much more than learning to handstand! It's about what you choose when things feel hard, when fear takes over, and how you rise above it. It's why I keep coming bag for more.
Please submit your final photos or videos before midnight (PST), Monday, February 6th to be eligible to win my three grand prizes! Be sure to use the same email you signed up with. Even if you didn't finish every single day of the challenge, still submit anyways! This allows me to see how many completed and/or worked through the challenge. I hope you have loved using my app over the past six weeks and decide to continue using it as a helpful tool in your fitness journey. I have many more programs coming soon that you won't want to miss! Keep showing up for yourself everyday.
Xx, Chels

Chelsea’s handstand challenge helped me overcome my fear of being on my hands and built strength in my core and shoulders that I didn’t think I could have! I went from barely being able to kick up to the wall...
Participating in the Handstand Challenge through Chelsea’s Playbook app was super beneficial and loaded with support. The structure of the content offered in the app is easy to navigate and perfect to break...
I am so amazed that I can do a handstand for more than 1 second! Thanks to this challenge and all of Chelsea’s drills and tips, I know how to do a correctly aligned handstand with confidence and control! How...
The challenge was great and satisfying. I now practicing my handstand differently, learned alot from you the way you explained and demonstrate everything is perfect! So happy withy progress and will continue...
Great challenge! Thank you to the Facebook group and to Chelsea for all the help and tips! It was really fun and I appreciated the consistency and drill approach!
I’m not a yogi, let’s get that out of the way. These drills were great! I’m someone who always takes and posts handstand photos in front of cool locations - I’m known for it among my friends and family. But I...
Loved this challenge!
I love this challenge! I’m going to keep coming back to the lessons over and over and keep growing. I may FINALLY hit my resolutions to handstand this year-and even quicker than I expected was possible. Thank...

🏆 What you can win

  • 1

    1st Place:

    • Hyperice Hypervolt Go Gun
    • Liforme: Regular & travel mat, and yoga pad
    • Athletic Greens/AG1 Starter Kit
    • Left on Friday gift card for one free swimsuit of your choosing

  • 2

    2nd Place:

    • Hyperice Hypervolt Go Gun
    • Liforme: Signature mat of their choosing + water bottle
    • Athletic Greens/AG1 Starter Kit
    • Left on Friday gift card for one free swimsuit of your choosing
  • 3

    3rd Place:

    • Hyperice Hypervolt Go Gun
    • Liforme: Signature mat of their choosing + water bottle
    • Athletic Greens/AG1 Starter Kit
    • Left on Friday gift card for one free swimsuit of your choosing

How to take before & after pictures

  • Please make sure to take photos in good lighting, and wear form fitting clothing like yoga pants & sports bra (avoid baggy tops, etc.)

  • Try to position yourself in front of a clean background (so it's easier to see body positioning)

  • For handstands on the wall, or in the middle of the room: take one picture straight on, and one picture from the side

  • If you prefer to send photos instead of videos: I suggest recording yourself and then taking screenshots from the video recording. You can also submit both pictures & videos of your progress.

What to expect:

  • Daily drills and practices

  • Practice at home with me!

  • Practices consist of two weeks on the wall and then working toward the middle of the room.

  • Weekly assessments videos + check-ins on our Facebook group

  • Designed for beginners or those hoping to increase hold times

  • Starts January 2, 2023

🥇 How to win

I will be choosing the three winners based on transformation of any kind as well as consistency and engagement throughout the challenge.

  • 1

    I love seeing your participation and journey! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @chelseasyoga and share your journey in the private Facebook group. Meet other #RisingUpHandstands participants, engage in motivational tips, and be a part of the amazing community.

  • 2

    Download the graphic (available after you sign up) and share it on social using #RisingUpHandstands so I can see how you're doing throughout the challenge!

  • 3

    Make sure to submit your before & after videos & share your progress.

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download my app

Download the app to access the "Rising Up: Handstands" challenge! If you already have the app downloaded, just make sure to submit before/after videos, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge in the app!


Submit before and after photos

Submit your “Where I am today” video by 11:59pm. PST by Wed, January 4th with a sign that says "Where I am today (with the date below it)". Then at the end of the challenge, submit your “Where I am now” video no later than Monday February 6th with a sign that says "Where I am now (with the date below it)" using the link below!


Join my Facebook community

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Follow & tag me on IG

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