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A stronger core in 2024!

Want to build a stronger core in 2024?!

By strategically combining a variety of core & cardio workouts, my 8 week long ‘Claire's Core Challenge’ has transformed THOUSANDS of bodies by defining & strengthening abs, while shedding fat! No equipment is necessary, so you can crush this program from home, the gym, or anywhere else life takes you!

The workouts in this Challenge are quick & effective (between 10-25 minutes long) & are meant to be done in addition to your main workout each day. This means it will pair perfectly with your existing training program! If you aren’t currently following a program, you’re in luck! When you join the Challenge by becoming a member of my CPT Fit App, you’ll also gain access to all 13 of my home & gym training programs, hundreds of healthy recipes, my Nutrition & Macro Guides, 1 on 1 support, an uplifting online community & so much more!

This Challenge is FUN & it is for everyone, whether you are a beginner or advanced! There are so many opportunities to win AMAZING prizes, but the best prize of all is winning the best version of yourself!

Join me & let’s be more in 2024!

Over the six-week challenge, I managed to shed 17 lbs while juggling the roles of a mom, full-time worker, and full-time student. I take immense pride in my achievements and the hurdles I’ve overcome. I...
Katie W.
I’ve never had abs in my life!! Even before having my 4 kids. I didn’t think visible abs would ever be possible for me until I did your challenge. My goal was to gain strength back in my abs but I got more...
Jessica P.
I’ve used other apps and programs before but this one just sticks. I feel more focused, driven and excited about the healthy habits and confidence that it instills in me. I feel more comfortable in my own...
Lisa M.
10/10, loved it! It kept me accountable and introduced me to core movements I have never done! The community was absolutely inspiring and motivating! I will definitely do another one!
Ashley S.
The challenge was exactly what I needed to get my fitness journey started. I gained strength in my core that I never knew I could get back. I lost 5.2 lbs, 1.7% body fat, 1.5” in my waist line and 2.5” around...
Jenna B.
This core challenge was key for me to break off bad habits and start working out and fueling my body again the way that I know I should. It was like a reset for my mind and body. I was shocked at the changes...
Kristen O.

About the Challenge

  • Each week you will have 3 core workouts & 2 HIIT workouts, which can be completed from home or the gym. If an exercise requires a piece of equipment (for example: a pull up bar) & you do not have access to one, I have also provided alternative exercises.

  • BONUS weekly meal plan! This will be the first Challenge that will include a free weekly meal plan in addition to the weekly workouts. This will include 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner & 1 snack recipe each week. This is totally optional to follow & can be adjusted based on dietary restrictions/preferences.

  • Whether you are a beginner or highly advanced, this Challenge is for you! Exercise modifications & substitutions are included for all & you can always message me in the app if you need help adjusting anything!

  • I will be beside you every step of the way, communicating, answering questions & sharing daily tips, videos & giveaways in our exclusive Facebook community. This is optional to join, but highly recommended!

"But wait, don’t you say, 'Abs are cooked in the kitchen?'"

It’s true, abs are built in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. The single most important tool that you need to develop your abs is proper nutrition. This is why, in my app, you will also have access to all my eating tips, hundreds of healthy recipes, grocery lists, my Nutrition, Macro, Supplement Guides & more!

I am super excited that this will be the first Challenge that will include a free weekly meal plan in addition to the weekly workouts. This will include 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner & 1 snack recipe each week. This is totally optional to follow & can be adjusted based on dietary restrictions/preferences. When you approach your diet with the same level of effort & discipline you bring to your workouts, you’ll start to see all your hard work truly pay off!

🏆 What You Can Win

2 winners will each receive a $5,000 REP Fitness home gym

  • Grand Prize: Not one, but TWO Grand winners will each get to go on a $5,000 REP Fitness equipment shopping spree to build their dream home gym!

    Choose between a variety of squat racks, benches, barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, kettle bells, cable machines, sleds, sandbags & so much more!!

  • Additional Prizes:

    For additional chances to win more amazing prizes & giveaways, join the #teamcpt Facebook group (optional, but recommended).

    • Apple Airpod Max Headphones

    • $250 Just Meats Gift Card

    • $200 1st Phorm Gift Card

    • Training shoes of choice

    • +MORE

🥇 How to Win

  • 1

    To be eligible for my grand prize, I will be selecting one grand winner based on body composition change between before & after photos, as well as consistency & engagement throughout the Challenge.

  • 2

    You will have many opportunities to win additional weekly giveaways if you become an active member of the Facebook community. I select these winners solely based on participation, engagement & support!

  • 3

    Please use the hashtag #clairescorechallenge & tag me (@clairepthomas) so that I can follow along on your journey & get to know you better!

Pre-order Challenge Merch


Reward yourself for committing to this challenge with a tee or tank or BOTH! Click HERE to pre-order before January 9th.

What's Included with my App:

CPT Fit App makes it easy for you to train & stay on track. Take it with you wherever you go & benefit from so many incredible features!

  • Workouts For Everyone
    Whether you’re a beginner or advance or train from home or the gym, I have a training program just for you!

  • 1-On-1 Support
    Message me at anytime for questions, advice, support or just to say hi & introduce yourself!

  • Hundreds of Healthy Recipes
    Delicious & easy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts & shakes for you & the whole family!

  • Educational Guides
    Learn & benefit from my Nutrition, Supplement & Macro guides.

  • Supportive Community
    Connect with over 50,000 encouraging, motivating & relatable people — just like you!

  • Progress Tracking
    Track your weights/times, write notes & take progress photos directly in the app.

  • Video Tutorials & Modifications
    Easy-to-follow video demos & instructions for each exercise in the app. Modifications are also included.

  • Exclusive Offers
    Discounts, giveaways, live videos & challenges just for CPT Fit App members!

YOUR 24 Program

This is YOUR year! Commit for 24 minutes per workout & make yourself proud!

  • 24 minute workouts, 3x per week for 8 weeks

  • Dumbbells + bodyweight only

  • For all levels of fitness

  • Pairs perfectly with this Challenge

How to Enter


Sign up & download the app

When you sign up for the Challenge on this page, you will be prompted to download my app. This is where you will access the Challenge, along with all my other workouts & Guides. If you are already a member of my app, go to the Core Challenge introduction & click the link to sign up & submit your photos directly through my app.


Submit before & after photos

To be eligible to win the grand prize, please submit “before” photos no later than Jan 8th. Once you download my app, you’ll find instructions & a link to submit your photos under the “Core Challenge” program. This is optional if you simply wish to participate. After photos will be due March 4th & are also required if you wish to be eligible.


Join my Facebook Community

Join my exclusive Facebook community, where you can communicate & connect with thousands of amazing, motivating & supportive people just like you. This is optional, but highly encouraged because I share additional prizes, tips, live workouts, Q&As, exclusive offers & so much more in this group. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you!


Follow me on Instagram

I want to follow along with your journey! Please follow me on Instagram @clairepthomas & use the hashtag #clairescorechallenge

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