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The Every Day Sweat

by Clinton Moxam
Merging Health, Fitness & Lifestyle changes into 25 minute workouts. The most realistic online program for the Every Day person.
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Daily 25 minute workouts designed to fit into your already hectic schedule shown on a device

Daily 25 minute workouts designed to fit into your already hectic schedule

Follow along as Clinton coaches you through training different sets of muscle groups Every Day with his workouts

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Abs and Core

Glutes and Lower

Full Body Workouts

PLUS, new workouts Every Day!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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​Track your progress & collect health data

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All-access pass to 
premium features shown on a device

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Unlimited access to 150+ trainers

Hundreds of programs

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Meet Clinton Moxam shown on a device

Meet Clinton Moxam

I believe movement, health and fitness should be made available to everyone. My goal is to eliminate as many barriers as possible to making better lifestyle choices for your average Every Day person. As a trainer, I’ve come across many reasons why people aren’t able to effectively incorporate more health and fitness into their day-to-day lifestyle. Some of the biggest reasons are a lack of time, information, motivation, resources and consistency. I created The Every Day Sweat App in order to be able to effectively combat each of those realities.

Time? The workouts are only 25 Minutes long.

Information? Follow along, learn first hand and ask Clinton 1000+ questions.

Motivation? Access to our members & Clinton taking on similar battles as you.

Resources? You can get started for just free

Consistency? Membership Challenges, support + advice + effort = Success

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