Dana Linn Bailey DLB - Shredded Summer 5.0 Challenge

Shredded Summer 5.0


Why you should join Shredded Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I want to help YOU start shedding those extra winter pounds so you can shed off those clothes and get you summer ready with my 8 Week Shredded Summer 3.0 Challenge. This is not just a weight loss challenge, this is a total body transformation challenge. This is your chance to get in the best shape of your life for Summer, and I will be with you the entire way pushing you in the gym and in the kitchen to make progress both physically and mentally. The workouts will not be easy. But nothing worthwhile ever came from being easy, so you will need to dig deep these next 8 weeks if you want a chance to WIN BIG! This is your opportunity to make yourself a priority and get in the best shape of your life! This is going to test you, your physical toughness but more importantly your mental toughness. And if you follow through these next 8 weeks, no matter what you will WIN!

Now matter what your goals, EVERYONE and ANYONE WORLDWIDE can participate in this challenge. We are going to have two categories in this transformation: Dramatic Weight Loss and Get Shreddy. And I’ll be picking both a male and a female winner in each category. I will be looking for the greatest overall physical transformation in both categories. We can’t all be winners, but you you set your mind right no EVERYTHING to gain!

Challenge begins Monday May 13th.


What you can expect when you join

This challenge has changed my life, it’s made me a better person, I feel happy in my own skin again. Before this I felt like I was on a slippery slope but this challenge threw me the rope to get myself back...
Sarah T
I began with DLB daily in January with the 10 weeks to habit challenge, and I have just not stopped all year! 20 pounds gone and my body looks completely different! So grateful for the community and the...
Amanda R
Love!!! The workouts were amazing, and so challenging. I felt like I wanted to puke some days but there’s not a better feeling than pushing through and seeing changes mentally and physically! It was so mental...
Samra K
This challenge came up while scrolling through you tube, I have been a fan of Dana for years and I said to myself wow she is strong no only physically but mentally, she started without much and she has...
This was just what I needed to get myself back on track. I am so happy with my progress and can't wait to see where I am in 8 more weeks. I did the best I could as a mom and nurse that works long shifts,...
I loved it. I’ve become stronger and have learned a lot through trial and error what works and what doesn’t to get fit and lose weight. I’ve lost eight pounds and I’m still on the decline while gaining...
Amanda W
The challenge taught me so much about my daily habits that just haven’t been working for me. With DLB’s guided workouts and nutrition guides, as well as the community of fellow fitness enthusiasts, I have...
Stephanie G
I can 100 percent tell you I pushed myself more than I would have if it weren’t for the community within this platform. I feel like everyone is so hardcore and that is what fuels me more than anything. I want...
Andrea Z

🏆 What you can win

$20k in CASH and prizes to 1 MALE and 1 FEMALE in the Weight Loss Category and 1 MALE and 1 FEMALE in Show Ready Shredded Category.

Each of the 4 winners will receive:

  • A $5,000 CHECK from DLB herself!

  • $500 of FREE food from Trifecta

  • $250 gift card to Redcon1 supplements

  • $250 gift card to Flag Nor Fail

🥇 How to Enter & Win

Be consistent!! I always say you don’t need the motivation to do the work; you just need discipline. Discipline will get you to the finish line. You will learn a lot about yourself in the next 8 weeks.

  • Sign up and become a member of the DLB Daily App if you’re not already!

  • Sign up for the SHREDDED SUMMER 8 Week Challenge below and submit your BEFORE photos. KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BEFORE PHOTOS, because you will need them at the end for the Final Submission. ENTRY Submissions are due NO later than FRIDAY MAY 17TH at 11:59pm MST. Optional: Use this sheet for your photos.

  • Follow your choice of DLBdaily workouts (gym, dumbbell only, bodyweight only or Powerbuilder). All Shredded Summer workouts will be shown under the "Shredded Summer" program circle.

  • Follow your OWN diet plan using the DLB PROGRESS TRACKER AND HIGH PROTEIN MEAL PLAN (printable pdf) which will help you customize a nutritional plan that is based on you and your goals

  • (Optional) Share your journey on social media using the hashtags #DLBshreddedsummer. This isn't required, but a great way to follow along with everyone’s journey.

  • Put in the work! You have 8 Weeks to Transform your Summer Ready Body

  • FINAL Submissions will be due NO later than MONDAY, JULY 8TH 11:59pm MST. You will be submitting your before and afters side by side for the final submissions. (Please go read How to take Progress Photo)

  • THAT'S IT!

    Open to participants world wide, however if out of the country, you will not be eligible for the Trifecta food, because they can not ship outside the US

    If you have any problems signing up send us an email at support@playbookapp.io **(**DLBdaily in the SUBJECT)

📸 How to take before and after photos


Submit your BEFORE pictures no later than FRIDAY MAY 17TH at 11:59pm MST using the Challenge Sheet below. Make sure to submit front, back & side photos! Keep your BEFORE photos because you will need them for your final submission.

Submit your FINAL SUBMISSION photos by Monday, JULY 8TH 11:59pm MST. For your Final Submission Photos, you will download any pic collage app and you will put your BEFORE and AFTER photos side by side (see example*). Both front pose together, both side pose together, and both back pose together. In both the before and after you need to hold or post on wall behind you the Challenge Sheet, with your name, current date, and current weight.

Optional, but highly recommended: Use this sheet for your photos. Or post a paper with Name, Date, Weight on the wall next to you.

Tips for taking progress pictures:

  • 1

    Full Body (head to toes in full frame). DO NOT take photos in mirrors. Have someone else take them or get a tripod. The more seriously you take these, the more helpful they will be to you!

  • 2

    Use the Same Pose. Must have front, side and rear full body pose. Do same exact pose for your before photo and your after photo. You can’t compare a relaxed pose to a flexing pose, not the same.

    -Front Pose: stand relaxed with arms at your sides

    -Side Pose: turn directly to the side with arms raise straight out in front or at your side (your choice)

    -Back Pose: stand relaxed with arms at your sides

    *Optional: Your Best Pose: You may choose to do a flexing photo for this. Either front double bicep or back double bicep. To show off your hard work.

  • 3

    Take your photos at the same time of day. Do them first thing in the morning so you have no variables and you can really judge your progress weekly

  • 4

    Take your photos in the same location, with the same lighting, and a clutter free background. Lighting is most important. Taking your photos at the gym under fluorescent lights is going to look very different than taking them at home in natural light. Find a nice natural light that is NOT too drastic. Natural light will give you more honest results. Find a plain blank wall in your house and always stand in the same exact location.

  • 5

    Wear the same outfit. Wearing the same outfit is helpful because when your body actually starts transforming, that outfit will start fitting you differently which can be a great tool!

    -Females: bathing suit or sport bra and shorts

    -Males: shirtless and shorts

  • 6

    Download a collage app. Compare your pictures side by side utilizing a collage app weekly to check on your progress. Put your oldest photo to the left and your newest photo to the right in the same poses to really clearly see your progress. You will need to have a collage app for the final submissions.


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