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About this challenge

They say it takes on average 66 days for a behavior to turn into a habit. Something that you do automatically without thinking. Something that you do with out the need for motivation. You do it because it as much a part of your daily life as brushing your teeth.

Over the next 10 weeks, we will be doing just that, creating healthy habits for ourselves to transform for entire life. Habits are created out of repetition, so you will be creating a set of guidelines for yourself to stay on track and working towards your overall goal. And I will be there every step of the way with our daily training, weekly community live calls, and constant support and Q&A along the way. My goal here is to hopefully never see you enter a Transformation Challenge ever again. I hope that through this challenge and our focus on creating habits that will stick with you far past the end of this challenge. So you will continue to progress through consistency.

This is NOT a weight loss challenge. This is a 10 week total body composition change. Not everyone has the same goals, some looking to lose weight some looking to add muscle size or leanness. Whatever your goal is, I am looking for the overall greatest physical transformation!

Lets make 2023 the year of actual change...The evolution of the new you!! You have nothing to lose from signing up for this challenge except some extra pounds. LFG and crush this year!!!

It has got me motivated to consistently want to work out and work on myself again
Jessie Clifton (Shred 1 Winner)
It has made me want to help others to transform their physics to be the best they can be
Chris Baldrige (Shred 2 Winner)
It has given me the drive and inspiration I once had and want to continue on with my transformation. Not back to pre baby but back to happy
Tabitha Peebles (Shred 2 WINNER)
I was happy to see DLBdaily coming out just in time for me to recover from COVID weight I gained. I created my own home gym and her program helped me get back into the groove with the limited equipment plan....
Vanessa Futch (Shred 2 Top 10)
It has helped me focus on what is important and not focus on my emotions and feelings and given me the ability to channel my issues into positivity, the things I experienced made me realize I need to be in...
Lance Mongold (2nd place Shred 2)
This Challenge has helped me learn how to cope with challenges that come up during weight loss. The gym has always been a must for me to be able to stick to my diet in the past. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed...
Nicki Darmon (Shred 2)
Dana has helped me have better habits, through this program she has helped me have a better eating skills, a better relationship with my body and a community of people to push me forward and people to chase....
Yvette Wild (Purpose Challenge Winner)
I had been a little depressed. I needed a jumpstart and kick in the butt to get me back in the gym and out of my head. I just trust the Bailey’s. I know they’re good people, so I had faith in what this...
Amanda Munn (Shred 2)
Well first off I would like to thank you Dana for this challenge. I struggle with binge eating and have had this problem for almost 5 years and I’m so happy to say this challenge is the longest streak I’ve...
Chrissy Alley (3rd place Shred 2)
The workouts and the community on the Facebook page have been fantastic. Both have helped me to push well outside of my comfort zone physically and mentally.
Tim Calachnio (3rd place Shred 2)
This challenge has been a blast! This challenge gave me the ability to put every aspect together and apply it for the 6 weeks and accomplish good results. It has given me more faith in my abilities to...
Danny Knight (Shred 2 top 10)
It has proved that hard work and dedication can get you any results you really want. No excuses! The mental toughness has been enlightening
Lauren Smith (Shred 1)
It’s helped me become more disciplined in every aspect of my life.
Devin Weidow (Shred 2)

🏆 What you can win

  • 1

    1st place:

    • $10,000 cash prize
    • $1,000 of food from Trifecta
    • $300 Flagnorfail gift card
    • $200 RUN Everything gift card
  • 2

    2nd place:

    • $2,000 cash prize
    • $500 of food from Trifecta
    • $200 Flagnorfail gift card
    • $100 RUN Everything gift card
  • 3

    3rd place:

    • $1,000 cash prize
    • $250 of food from Trifecta
    • $100 Flagnorfail gift card
    • $50 RUN Everything gift card

🥇 How to enter & win

This is a transformation challenge, not just a weight loss challenge. I'm looking for overall total-body transformation. Whatever your goal is, that is what you will work towards. While working towards your goal, you will also be working towards creating healthy habits for yourself to help your transformation — habits that, even after this challenge is over, you will continue because it's part of your lifestyle. You will no longer need to be motivated to do something, because you will do it out of habit.

No matter what happens, there is nothing to lose here — except a few extra pounds. Habits create consistency. Consistency create discipline. Discipline gets you to the finish line!!! LFG!!!!!

  • 1

    Sign up and become a member of the DLB Daily APP if you are not already!

  • 2

    Sign up for the 10 Weeks to Habit Challenge below and submit your BEFORE photos. KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BEFORE PHOTOS, because you will need them for the Final Submission. ENTRY Submissions are due NO later than JANUARY 16th at 11:59pm MST.

    Optional: Use this sheet for your photos.

  • 3

    Follow the DLB Daily training program (Dumbbell Only & Bodyweight Only options available). Create a schedule for yourself and follow the workouts each week for the duration of the challenge (1/9-3/20).

  • 4

    Follow a diet plan. Use the DLB Daily nutrition section to help you set up your own meal plan that works for you.

  • 5

    (Optional) Share your journey on social media using the hashtags #DLBdaily #DLBHabitChallenge. This isn't required, but we'll be following along with these hashtags and it could help you stand out from other contestants.

  • 6

    Put in the work! You have 10 weeks to make these behaviors into habits. These habits will get you to your overall transformation goal! Make yourself a priority and stick to it!

  • 7

    FINAL Submissions will be due NO later than MARCH 21th 11:59pm MDT. You will be submitting your before and afters side by side for the final submissions (Read info below on how to submit photos correctly).

📸 How to take before and after photos

Submit your BEFORE pictures no later then January 16, 2023 at 11:59pm MST using the Challenge Sheet below. Make sure to submit front, back & side photos! Keep your BEFORE photos because you will need them for Final Submission.

Submit your FINAL SUBMISSION photos by March 21, 2023 at 11:59pm MST. For your final submission photos, you will download any pic collage app and you will put your BEFORE and AFTER photos side by side (see example*). Both front pose together, both side pose together, and both back pose together. In both the before and after you need to hold or post on wall behind you the Challenge sheet, with your name, current date, and current weight.

Optional, but highly recommended: Use this sheet for your photos.

Tips for taking progress pictures:

  • 1

    Full Body (head to toes in full frame). DO NOT take photos in mirrors. Have someone else take them or get a tripod. The more seriously you take these, the more helpful they will be to you!

  • 2

    Use the Same Pose. Must have front, side and rear full body pose. Do same exact pose for your before photo and your after photo. You can’t compare a relaxed pose to a flexing pose, not the same.

    • Front Pose: stand relaxed with arms at your sides
    • Side Pose: turn directly to the side with arms raise straight out in front or at your side (your choice)
    • Back Pose: stand relaxed with arms at your sides
    • *Optional: Your Best Pose: You may choose to do a flexing photo for this. Either front double bicep or back double bicep. To show off your hard work.
  • 3

    Take them at the same time of day. Do them first thing in the morning so you have no variables and you can really judge your progress weekly.

  • 4

    Take them in the same location, with same lighting, and clutter free background. Lighting I think is most important. Taking pics at the gym under fluorescent lights is going to looks very different then taking them at home in natural light. Find a nice natural light that is NOT too drastic. Natural light will give you more honest results. Find a plain blank wall in your house and always stand in the same exact location!

  • 5

    Wear the same outfit. I think wearing the same outfit is helpful because when your body actually starts transforming, that outfit will start fitting you different which can be great tool!

    • Females: bathing suit or sport bra and shorts.
    • Males: shirtless and shorts
  • 6

    Download a collage app. Compare your pictures side by side utilizing a collage app weekly to check on your progress. Put your oldest photo to the left and your newest photo to the right in the same poses to really clearly see your progress. You will need to have a collage app for the final submissions.

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