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Developed Movement, Developed Mindset
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Developed Movement, Developed Mindset

Introducing the DM Method app
My goal is to help improve your quality of life by providing you with personalized training programs that improve strength, coordination, mobility, conditioning, and agility. You’ll build your confidence, in the gym and in life, as you get stronger because with developed movement comes a developed mindset.
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Build up your strength & mobility today shown on a device

Build up your strength & mobility today

Train using equipment, your own bodyweight & learn how to do calisthenics skills with these programs.

Handstand strength & skills

Barbell & dumbbell workouts

Bodyweight skills

Strength training

Videos explaining context of exercises and drills so you can train with intention

PLUS, new 4 week programs every month so you can continue to progress your training!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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Easy-to-follow videos

​Download workouts for offline

​Stream workouts to your TV

​Track your progress & collect health data

​Share sweaty selfies to Instagram

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Meet Dani Mendoza shown on a device

Meet Dani Mendoza

I’m Dani Mendoza, a certified personal trainer specializing in strength, mobility and calisthenics skills. I grew up playing all kinds of sport but after graduating university and getting a full time job, I stopped playing sports. I knew movement was important for my health so I started incorporating the gym into my daily routine. I didn't know what I was doing, but I tried everything and was drawn to skill based training and bodyweight and strength training. Before I knew it, training was the highlight of my day - the purpose of exercise stopped becoming a way to “burn calories”. It was a way I could improve my abilities and challenge myself. I gained confidence that I had never had before. I became a trainer because I want you to feel like a badass too. My training philosophy, “Developed Movement, Developed Mindset”, was born from my own training experience. It’s reflective of my goal for those who train with me: to build your confidence and feel empowered by improving your strength and capabilities.

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