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Human Performance in and Out of the Water
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Human Performance in and Out of the Water

Introducing the Deep End Fitness app
Deep End Fitness is the #1 most innovative program for beginner to advanced water-based training.
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Deep End Fitness programs

The app teaches efficient breathing, mental toughness, and stress mitigation techniques to achieve the highest physical and mental performance in life. Our workouts are both land and water-based.

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Meet Deep End Fitness

Deep End Fitness is the #1 most innovative and safest program for beginner to advanced water survival and drowning prevention. Our program was founded to serve the immediate at-risk population and promote water survival preparation for all skill levels. Deep End Fitness incorporated techniques and methodology developed in elite military water survival training, evidence-based science, and most importantly real-life experience training thousands of people over the past ten years. We utilize the operating system of F.R.E.E. (Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing) to drive in-water training and positively influence individual performance out of the pool. As a result, Deep End Fitness:

Develops critical thinking and problem solving

Teaches mental relaxation and stress mitigation techniques

Helps you develop coping techniques for stress and anxiety

Promotes water survival preparation and drowning prevention for all skill levels

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