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Fit for Fall

6-week challenge starts Oct 2nd!

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About the challenge

Finish the year strong and prioritize your health this fall. Feel your best and establish healthy habits before you jump into the holiday season. I want you to feel confident and strong throughout the holidays.

This challenge will help you build healthy habits that are sustainable for life. This isn’t a quick fix but rather 6 weeks of building habits that will help you become your healthiest self. You’ll get workouts every single week to help build lean muscle, gain strength, lose fat, and improve performance and overall function. You can feel confident when you step into your workouts because you’ll have guidance every step of the way.

You’ll also get access to my nutrition guide, sample meal plans and healthy recipes to help fuel your body with the things it needs to see real results and feel great. We’re going to focus on creating a growth mindset and habits outside of just working out and eating healthy. Join hundreds of others in the Katoa Fitness community and enjoy support and encouragement along the way. Join this challenge to prioritize your health and fitness, build healthy sustainable habits, and enjoy real results.

Change your life, feel your best, share your progress with me and you could win some awesome prizes!

“This challenge helped me build consistent habits and continue to show up every day, even when it didn't look perfect. I learned that something really is better than nothing and that I’m capable of much more...
Krystal P.
“Wow! The stronger for summer challenge by Eliza Katoa elevated my perspective on lifting weights and my belief in my self. 2 years years ago I had a health scare and committed to improving my health, weight,...
Sarah S.
“ Honestly, I joined this challenge thinking it was going to be just another “weight lost” challenge and boy was I wrong. From Day 1 I knew this was different. The daily workout’s itself pushed you to become...
“This challenge was the re-set I needed after having my second baby. Postpartum is tough and getting back into the gym was intimidating for me this time around. I felt awkward and out of place- until I...
Amanda R.

🏆 What you can win

1st Place:

  • $500 cash
  • 1-year free subscription to my app

2nd Place:

  • $200 cash
  • 6-month free subscription to my app

3rd Place:

  • $100 cash
  • 3-month free subscription to my app

🥇 How to win

  • 1

    Take a before and after picture and submit it along with your goal & testimonial at the end! Please make sure your before and after photos are taken in the same outfit, similar lighting and with the same poses taken head on.

  • 2

    Make sure to participate in the challenge by commenting on the workouts you complete within my app so I know you’re working hard 😉

  • 3

    Engage with the in-app community. Encourage and support each other and share your progress in the community. Tag me in your stories IG stories @elizakatoa_fit using this downloadable graphic.

How to take before & after photos

  • Please be sure to wear the same clothing for your before and afters and use the same poses of front, back and side.
  • Please be sure to take the photos with the same background and preferably with the same lighting.
  • Please be sure to take the photos with the same distance from the camera and take the photos head on.

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download the app

Sign up for the challenge on this page and then make sure you download the app. If you're already an app subscriber, you'll have access to the challenge automatically — but make sure you still sign up here in order to be eligible for the grand prizes


Submit before photo & Goal:

Submit your before photos no later than SUNDAY OCTOBER 8th. I won’t share any before/after photos without your permission, and feel free to crop your face out if that makes you more comfortable!


Join my new in-app Community:

Engage with me and fellow participants to support and to cheer each other on. Follow me on Instagram and tag me in your journey @elizakatoa_fit.


Submit your after photos & testimonial:

Submit after photos no later than SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19TH. Don’t forget to leave a testimonial and let me know how you’re feeling at the end!

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