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Introducing the Garret Fisher app
I have created this app to bring you workouts that give real results. We are seeking health, longevity, functionality and YES⁠—we are trying to look good. You are going to complete an exact workout that I completed a week prior, that way you know I am in it with you!
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Real workouts for real results shown on a device

Real workouts for real results

Multiple training programs to fit all fitness levels

Olympic Lifting & HIIT

Upper Body Heavy & HIIT

Lower Body Heavy & HIIT

PLUS, new workouts every week!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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Easy-to-follow videos

​Download workouts for offline

​Stream workouts to your TV

​Track your progress & collect health data

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See what my muscle-building community has to say:

  • Istarted training with Garret to try and lose some extra weight, as well as focus in on some skills in the gym. In a few short months, I’m down nearly 40 pounds, have a new found confidence, and feel like a completely different person. Not only is Garret extremely knowledgeable and patient, but he will always push you to reach your full potential and become a better version of yourself.
    Kristen H.
  • I highly recommend working with Garret for anyone looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. Throughout my journey with him, I have grown both physically and mentally stronger, all the while enjoying being back in the gym under his guidance. Garret’s attention to detail and personable nature is unmatched by many.
    Luisa R.
  • Garret is one of the best trainers I have worked with. His programming is fun, yet effective and gives you the feeling of accomplishment every time you leave the gym. I have grown as an athlete in nearly every aspect in the gym and working with Garret has been one of the best decisions I have made.
    Rama A.
  • A common acronym we use in military correspondence is “BLUF” It means bottom line up, up front. Well, the BLUF of working with Garret has been nothing short of the most unique program I have used to date. His programming is absolutely brilliant; a perfect blend of old lifting, conditioning, powerlifting, and bodybuilding pieces. No longer do I hesitantly go about my workouts wondering if my programming is right for me. I now charge into the gym ready to work. Garret optimizes your time in the gym and the results don’t disappoint.
    Tyler L.
  • Garret’s program is phenomenal. He’s interactive, good at communication and is 100% transparent on showing you what it takes to reach your goals in the gym. I have personally seen my strength, conditioning, and body composition change drastically thanks to Garret.
    Jose B.
  • Working with Garret is one of the best things I could have done for my fitness. Garret made sure I pushed past my own personal barriers to reach my full potential. My PRs where his PRs and his service was friendly, efficient, and second to none.
    Guillermo A.
  • Working with Garret gave us a new perspective on a training program. His no “BS” attitude was reflected everyday in his program and he also gave us every tool needed to succeed in the gym. Garret truly cares for your well- being and only wants the best for his team members.
    Gap & Jarr U.
  • The workouts, community, and Garret’s attention to detail make the PowerHour a one of a kind fitness program. The workouts are challenging, fun, and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I haven't felt this fit in a long time!
    Mat T.
  • I have never been stronger! I had torn bicep that needed to be stronger post surgery recovery, and the Power Hour program was my platform to get back to competition level, and I have never been as strong as now, all thanks to Garret Fisher.
    Mark H.
  • I just finished my first week of “power hour” all i can say is wow. I've been doing CrossFit for 6 years now and I've been members of 4-5 gyms around the country, but since covid hit I've been working out on my own and lately it’s been hard. But i truly haven’t felt this good after a week of training since pre covid, the beautifully put together workouts and accessories is a great combo for training alone if you want to get a lot of fitness out of very little time. Just wanted to say I'm very impressed and thank you!
    Tryston K.
Meet Garret Fisher shown on a device

Meet Garret Fisher

A year ago, I was going after the title of Fittest Man on Earth. I was deep in the trenches of competitive CrossFit training and thought I was invincible. I then suffered two major injuries that flipped my life upside down. I was no longer the professional athlete I dreamed of being and had to find a new outlet. I decided to give something back to my community after feeling so much support. That is how I came to create this fitness program. We will seek health, longevity, functionality, and YES - we are trying to look good. Train with me and realize anything is possible!

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