Hannah Bower 30 Minutes and Under Challenge

30 Minutes and Under

6-Week Challenge

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About this challenge

This challenge is for those who want a realistic, practical, sustainable, and enjoyable fresh start. This challenge is about laying a foundation of consistency, not for a New Years resolution (because let’s be real, those never work), but for real change, for real life, in a realistic start.

This challenge isn’t about seeing how intense you can be for the month of January, it's about giving you the tools, support, and encouragement to workout in ways you enjoy until next December, and the December after that, and so on.

Come join me for the beginning of something special.

🏆 What you can win

  • 3 lucky winners will receive a $1,000 cash prize!

  • Plus, 3 more lucky winners will receive a $500 cash prize!

🥇 How to win

Must complete all steps to be eligible for prize drawing.

  • 1

    Perform all sign-up steps (current subscription to the app, member of Facebook community support group, submitted a before and after photo/statement through signup link).

  • 2

    Participation and engagement:

    ◦ Participate in workouts (hundreds to choose from) on the app

    ◦ Engage with community group by supporting others

    ◦ Partake in community group mindset discussions

    ◦ Completion* of the challenge (you do not need to do every workout, but consistent effort throughout the whole challenge is taken into consideration)

  • 3

    End of challenge transformation (this is either mental, physical or both). We use the term transformation lightly and broadly, but any physical, emotional, and mindset wins and accomplishments will be taken into consideration. They make our hearts sing, but it’s *not* what will be the determining factor in winning.

✍️ How to enter


Download the app

Sign up for the challenge on this page and then make sure you download the app. If you're already an app subscriber, you'll have access to the challenge automatically — but make sure you still sign up and submit before/after or a statement in order to be eligible for prizes.


Join my community

Join my exclusive Facebook community for additional support and participation. Keep an eye on this group for updates, announcements, and further instructions.

Submit before/after photos or statement

Submit before photos by January 3. Submit after photos by February 14. Photos should include one front-facing and one side-facing and back. Not comfortable with photos? Submit a statement of where you are at (emotionally, physically, mentally however you want to describe your state) and then another one once the challenge is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions