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40 Days of Fitness

Program starts Monday March 6th!

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About the challenge

Program Start Date March 6th

Spend 40 Days With Us . . .

And we will personally help you get in your best shape while still enjoying your life and having loads of fun!

Our 40 Days of Fitness Challenge is most physically demanding of all the programs we have created yet.

The best part is you can do this at your local gym or inside your home gym. All you need is access to dumbbells and a bench to dominate this challenge.

Did You Know?

Over 98% of fitness & nutrition programs fail…

And it’s not your fault!

If you can give us about 30-ish minutes or so each day we will educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the best version of you.

With our unique 40 Day Training Program and 40 Day Rules with a simple-to-stick-to PROVEN nutrition lifestyle program, entertaining education curriculum, and social support group you'll get everything you need to stay on track...and still have plenty of fun!

You seriously have a way with words Jeremy! I love your videos & find something that really hits home in every single one! The last 46 days is just the beginning for me! Thank you for ALL that you do!
Jamie Basham
This is why your program is successful! The inspiration you share with others! The belief that comes from you is awesome! Thanks!
Kris Olsen
Brother man.... I've got a serious bro-mance brewing for you. You are the realest, most down to earth dude! look forward to a long run with you to correct the years of self abuse that made me the way I am....
Beau Shoppa
A little bright news after a few very gloomy days... (I've had three people close to me in some way die in 3 days) I saw my surgeon today...5 years cancer free (that's kind of a big deal!) and she told...
Lisa King
Feeling the energy, feeling the change! Thank you so much to the JSF Team!
JD Danielson
I remind myself often that I've done the "quick fix" diets that allowed me to lose weight quickly but never keep it off and this lifestyle change is taking a lot longer to see results but as Jeremy said this...
Aubrey Bergler
Motivation and inspiration are the key points of this program. Jeremy has an effortless way of delivering information that just makes sense. And he is just real, no BS, so down to earth. I cannot even begin...
This program is all that. The accountability check ins, the videos, and meal planning ideas have been a tremendous benefit in my success. When I had questions (which were a lot) they were always answered. The...
During this challenge I noticed my confidence in the process increase daily when I looked at myself in the mirror. When I have not prioritized fitness I have often envisioned a particular image of myself in...

🏆 What you can win

Our GRAND PRIZE winner will receive:

  • FREE Trip to sunny Orlando, FL

  • 6-night stay in one of our luxury vacation homes

  • Airfare accommodations included

  • Athletic Greens & JayLab Supplement Kit

  • JSF Apparel Prize Package

    (Retail value over $2,000)

Plus, WEEKLY PRIZE winners can receive something from our sponsors:
  • Athletic Greens

  • Beam CBD

  • JayLab Pro

  • Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

  • Dry Farms Wine

  • And more...!

Here's exactly what you'll get

When you join us for the 40 Days of Fitness transformation challenge:

  • 40 days of fat-burning and lean-muscle-building programs
  • Unique, challenging workouts that will force your body to move in new, fun, and dynamic ways
  • Pre- and post-program fitness
  • Access to all our nutrition content inside the app
  • Unlimited support & access via email
  • Access to a private Facebook coaching group
  • 40 Day Rules Guide to ensure daily activity
  • Guaranteed RESULTS if you put in the work
  • Plus, much more….

🥇 How to win

To be eligible for the grand prize, I will be selecting one winner based on body composition change between before and after photos, as well as consistency and engagement throughout the challenge.

For the five weekly giveaways, I will be selecting winners solely based on active participation, engagement, and support within my Facebook community and/or on Instagram.

Use the hashtag #jeremyscottfitness and tag me @jeremyscottfitness so that I can follow along and get to know you better!

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download the app

Sign up for the challenge on this page and then download the app. If you already have the app, you'll still need to sign up and submit before/after photos on this page.


Submit before/after photos

To be eligible to win the grand prize, please submit “before” photos no later than Friday March 10th. Please make sure final submissions are sent in no later than Tuesday, April 18th.


Join my Facebook group

Join my exclusive Facebook community, where you’ll get to communicate and connect with thousands of amazing, motivating, and supportive people just like you. In this group I also share weekly giveaways, tips, live workouts, Q&As, exclusive offers, and so much more. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you!


Follow me on Instagram

I want to follow along with your journey! Please follow me on Instagram @jeremyscottfitness and use the hashtag #jeremyscottfitness

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