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Chakra Reset Challenge

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About the challenge

The 21 Day Chakra Reset Challenge spans over 7 weeks to ensure you have adequate time to integrate your experiences on the mat more fully. This challenge is uniquely designed to balance & restore all 7 of your major chakra centers. In addition to the mat work, this series comes with a Chakra Workbook and a Chakra Cookbook if you're looking to apply some of these principles in other areas of your life, as well. The great thing about this series is that it’s geared for all-level practitioners.
  • This series takes place over the course of 7 weeks, with 3 classes each week, making for 21 classes total.
  • If you’re brand new, you can enjoy the Gentle Flow and Meditation every week.
  • If you’re more intermediate or advanced, then you can enjoy the Strong Flow every week.
  • If you're a beginner, and you're not quite ready to move through the Strong Flow for the week – don't worry! You can always revisit the classes you've missed when you feel ready. You'll still experience the same benefits of the series as a whole, even if classes are skipped.

🏆 What you can win

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    1st Place:

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    2nd Place:

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    3rd Place:

    • Win an annual membership to my app

✍️ How to enter

In addition to subscribing to my app & sharing your Intention, make sure to share your journey through the 7 week series on your IG stories, and tag me so that I can follow along!

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    To be eligible for the grand prize, make sure to submit an Intention entry – this can be a picture of your written intention for the series, or a video submission – before Friday Jan 7th using the button below.

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    Download the app to access the "21 Day Chakra Reset" series! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit your intention photo/video, and you’ll automatically have access to the series in the Workout section of the app!

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    Tag me on instagram @kaylalanielsen and use the hashtag #21DayChakraReset so I can see your engagement!

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    At the end of the 7-weeks, submit your “after” reflection (image or video) on how your intention aligned with the series, or a reflection on your favorite part of the series, etc.

🥇 How to win

I’ll be choosing a winner based on the depth of your reflection at the end of the challenge, as well as continual engagement on social media throughout our 7 weeks together.

  • This was really amazing and showed me how much my body can do that I didn’t know or think I could! Thank you😊

  • Amazing class! I have yet to meet a yoga teacher that can flow and work into the body you can ❤️

  • Today after this class it was the first time I could hold a handstand with eagle legs… I don’t think it’s a coincidence, your classes are helping me so much to understand my fears and recognize my strength… Thank you❤️

  • Once again, didn’t feel like stepping on my mat. Whenever I have these days, I tend to discover your best classes and something new about myself through them. Thank you❤️

  • Absolutely amazing. This has been one of my favorite yoga apps thus far and subscribe to many! Great job Kayla! ❤️

  • Loved that flow!! The sequencing was well thought out to strengthen and then stretch different muscles and the transitions were creative. It felt really good in my body, I will definitely do it again!


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