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Introducing the Kayla Rossi app
My goal is to provide you with everything you need (diet, training, and motivation) to get in the best shape of your life! This is a movement and a mindset! Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, compete, improve athletic performance, or simply want to feel better in your skin this app is for you. Follow along with weekly workouts and programs!
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Full-body hybrid workout programs

Train different muscles every day with a combination of performance style training & traditional bodybuilding style workouts.

Bodybuilding Splits

HIIT Workouts

Weight Training

Strength & Conditioning

PLUS, new workouts every week!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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Easy-to-follow videos

​Download workouts for offline

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​Track your progress & collect health data

​Share sweaty selfies to Instagram

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Meet Kayla Rossi

Take your fitness to the next level! My name is Kayla Rossi. As a celebrity trainer, strength and conditioning coach, body transformation specialist, professional athlete, and IFBB professional bodybuilder, I have turned my passion into a career by dedicating myself to helping people get in the best shape of their life! My unique training style includes hybrid workouts that combine performance style training with traditional bodybuilding style workouts. I hold a Bachelors's degree and have multiple certifications which include NASM master trainer, corrective performance, sports nutrition, and general nutrition, which allow me to provide each and every client with an expert approach to achieving their goals. Kayla Rossi Fitness isn't just about looking good but feeling good. My #1 priority is to make people feel more confident to take on any of their life goals and that all starts with a healthy body and mind!

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