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Unleash Your Inner Warrior
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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Introducing the Kenzie Mariano app
Here at Alessi Active we believe there is a warrior in all of us, and we are here to bring the warrior out in you! Through movement, consistency, and a balanced lifestyle you can overcome and conquer all the hardships life throws at you and regain your confidence.
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Discover a routine tailored to your needs and goals shown on a device

Discover a routine tailored to your needs and goals

Train with a variety of different workouts & programs to reach your desired fitness goals.

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Strong Core

Glutes Gym

Stretch + Meditate

PLUS, new workouts every week!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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premium features shown on a device
Meet Kenzie Mariano shown on a device

Meet Kenzie Mariano

Since 2017, I have been helping hundreds of individuals tackle their goals, get real results, become their best self, and regain their confidence. I am a certified personal trainer who specializes in nutrition, lifestyle, weight loss, muscle gain, and mind-body fitness. I know what it’s like to feel lost, worthless, and insecure. I’ve been there, so believe me when I say, you can be confident, happy, and secure in your life again… and I’m going to help you get there. I am a firm believer we all have a warrior inside us just waiting to break free and take on the World. You will be tested and you will want to give up, but you will power through with me by your side, every step of the way. I want to see you succeed and blossom into the best version of yourself. Into the warrior you were always meant to be. This is your last day being comfortable, it’s time to break up with your comfort zone and never look back. Trust yourself, Trust your journey, Trust the process. Let’s do this!

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