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Make fitness a lifestyle

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My programs will help you get fit through a healthy blend of nutrition and workouts. Together we will build strength, increase our mobility and flexibility, and improve our functional fitness. Looking our best starts from the inside and my programs will emphasize keeping a healthy relationship with food.
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Training programs for all levels

Try different styles of workouts and see a real change.

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See what my muscle-building community has to say:

  • Before I started working with McKenzie I didn’t know how to properly fuel my body. The knowledge McKenzie has given me over the last couple of months is amazing. I had no idea how big of an impact a proper diet/nutrition plan could be when it comes to reaching peak performance. I’m not one to brag, but PRs have become a regular occurrence. Needless to say I am so happy with how much better my performance has been since McKenzie and I started this journey.
    Meredith Hopper
  • I highly recommend McKenzie to anyone, and everyone, looking for a great workout coach and nutrition expert. Her knowledge and ability in putting together a personalized plan is phenomenal, and the results I have gotten thus far surpassed my expectations!
    Dr. Luis Perez
  • McKenzie has been the number one reason I have lost significant weight and improved my overall health and body composition.
  • Before I met McKenzie, I was overweight, depressed and did not know how to eat properly. She started me on both a nutrition and fitness plan that changed my life. Her plans are highly individualized and she spends extensive time analyzing and providing feedback each week. The approach to nutrition is open and flexible where it is now a permanent lifestyle change for me versus a temporary "fad" diet. Along with her fitness plan, McKenzie understands my body and I can perform at my highest capabilities. In a very short period I noticed positive results and now I'm the fittest, healthiest I've been in my life.
    Greg Bell
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Meet McKenzie Flinchum

I have been involved with health and fitness my entire life. I started gymnastics at the age of 2 and competed in high-level gymnastics and karate through the age of 17. I studied nutrition in school, became a registered dietitian in 2016, and started a private practice. I am also a certified personal trainer. I am so passionate about helping my clients get healthier through both nutrition and training! In addition to coaching clients, I also am an elite Crossfit athlete. I placed 17th worldwide in the Crossfit Open in 2019, which earned me a spot to compete at the Crossfit Games that year. As an elite athlete, a nutrition coach, and a trainer, I am so passionate about the power of fitness and health on the quality of life. My workouts will be accommodating for many different levels and include a variety of different styles of workouts, such as strength, functional fitness, and even specific skills.

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