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Build Your Booty

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    Build Your Booty

    This challenge is all about that booty! Over the course of 10 weeks, you will transform your booty and your body. We will focus on building a solid foundation in our lower body to create aesthetic-strong muscles. You will feel the burn with each workout and sweat it out with me through guided exercises. You will grow stronger each week while gaining confidence in your ability to perform each exercise. The goal here is to feel strong, empowered, and confident in your body and to love that booty!

    🏆 The Prizes

    Take part in this 10 week challenge to grow your booty and get strong, but also get the chance to win amazing prizes! Let me see what you can do and how hard you can work!

    • 1

      $2,000 cash prize + customized Theragun + free annual subscription to my app

    • 2

      $1,500 cash prize + free annual subscription to my app

    • 3

      $1,000 cash prize + free annual subscription to my app

    ✍️ How to enter

    To enter this challenge, all you need to do is sign up through the link below and fill out the form. You will be asked to submit before photos of the front of your body, your back, and your sides. This is to document your progress and to show me how much this challenge helped you.

    🥇 How to win

    The challenge is about interacting with one another in our private FB community, supporting each other, learning effective healthy habits, as well as the actual physical transformation. Unlike other fitness plans and challenges, actual health and wellness are the absolute most important thing for us; don't worry, when you're healthy and work hard, results are undeniable!

    • 1

      Winners are determined by how they adhere to the training and nutrition, how diligent they are to submit their check ins on this page, and of course the amount of progress relative to this dedication I just mentioned.

    • 2

      I want you to get involved and engage with others competing in this competition. Post updates, photos, inspiring quotes that keep you going, ask questions, and build a strong community while also building a strong A$$ booty!

    Come join the FitGurlMel squad

    • Working out, running and choosing the right fuel for my tank AKA my food choices have helped me bounce back physically. Neuro wise has its challenges, but I have goals and will not give up. I have come too far from where I started. I will never let the past define me it will only make me drive harder! I am today happy, healthy and ready to conquer this journey. I still have so many goals and adventures in my future! Just wanted to share my story! Never give up!

      Lisa Delgadillo
    • Mel has definitely changed my life! I’m very proud of my accomplishments, but I have more to do!

      Esmeralda Evangelista
    • Melissa Alcantara has been like an angel for me in this journey to living a healthy and active/fit life. Weight loss always takes time especially when it’s done right. Don’t be discouraged by the scale and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from what you want for yourself. Just keep going! We have a great tool and great coach here everyone and we have each other!

      Nini Batista
    • I started working out with Mel in January. I started at 167lb and am not 139 (almost 30lbs!!!!).

      I felt so trapped in my own body and I hated taking pictures or looking in the mirror. Mel's programs have helped me feel strong, confident, and love my body again.

      Martha Haro
    • I feel like the biggest contributor to success is feeling like you’re doing it right and being held accountable. Mel is the BEST hyper girl around. She’s not going to sugar coat anything, and she’ll kick your ass in gear when you need it. She’s exactly the coach I needed to push myself harder than I ever thought possible. Thank you will never be enough. The results speak for themselves. I am SO ready for the next challenge.

      Nathalie Young
    • I finished the FitGurl Me 6-week program created by my beloved @fitgurlmel.

      Yes, Mel is fam but the reason I do her programs it’s because they are legit.

      No shortcuts, no lies. You gotta work super hard, period.

      Anavel C
    • I am so proud of myself. I feel beautiful again. I love myself. I feels just right. Everyone has their own battles. We must fight. Believe in ourselves and support one another. It has been an honor to be part of #HBHchallenge thank you Melissa Alcantara. I will continue to fight. I AM A DREAMER, A FIGHTER. FIT GURL ME CHALLENGE here I come!!

      Nadia Arreola
    • I knew I needed a reset and was counting down the days for Mel’s app to come out. Her program has helped me in so many ways! I’m stronger and leaner than ever. I really feel like the thorough explanations of how to perform each exercise is what helped me most.

      Lindsey Larson
    • I started working out and competing after 2 kids by emergency c- sections and did my first competition at 41 years old. I will be 50 years old in 7 days and continue on my Fitness journey!

      Don’t let anyone or anything (like your age) discourage you!!

    • Honestly thank you. Thank you for pushing me and keeping me going. At first I thought this was all BS, but then I joined the Facebook group and I was like this isn’t BS. I didn’t plan on completing the 6 week in full let alone all the mini challenges you set yet I did.

      Adrian Muniz
    • I think Fitgurlmel felt me, somehow she did, that’s why I won 3 place. And for me that’s the price for that “if you can’t do more, then do three more”. Thank you Mel for that & this & everything. I am so grateful for #hbhchallenge for this group of ppl here, for myself & life. Now, let’s do that three more!

      Ana Pavlovic
    • Hi Mel! I really enjoyed your 6 week hot body at home challenge. It really got me going and jump started my journey to get back into shape. I enjoyed your videos and thorough explanations of how to do certain exercises. I feel like so many trainers rush through their exercise regime and don’t slow it down to explain the moves. I always believe in quality over quantity and that is truly what matters when working out!

      Westley Berman

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