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The First 66 Challenge

In 66 days take control over your life while building muscle, losing fat, getting better sleep, and becoming more present.

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Everything you need to stop starting over

This challenge is for anyone who has ever started a program and never finished it, it’s for anyone who’s been in the game a long time and needs a new goal, new motivation. It's for anyone who wants to take responsibility and control over their life while building muscle, losing fat, getting better sleep, and becoming more present and aware in their everyday life. No more autopilot! We are making conscious decisions for 66 days that we can take with us for the rest of our lives.

The question I hear the most is “where do you get the motivation?” Now, we all know its not just about motivation, even if that’s the thing that gets us started it's not what keeps us going. Its all about discipline - so I created this challenge to help you create lifelong unbreakable habits, like brushing your teeth. I believe that everyone is capable of getting the results they’re looking for. It's simply about building a strong foundation! With a strong foundation you can build anything you want, that won’t crumble at the first crack. This is just about training, this is about setting ourselves up for success.

It takes the average person 66 days to create a habit which means it also takes 66 days to get rid of one. Remember when you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else. In these 66 days you’re going to make choices - not just mindless decision making. You’re going to feel it! Yes, you’re going to feel every yes and every no and know that it's up to you! I want you to take accountability, this is your life and you have more control over it than you think!

Take the opportunity to get to know yourself, what you’re capable of and how strong you really are. I believe in you!

How you'll feel after The First 66

Can't believe that I achieved my second challenge with you. I'm so proud of my consistency and not giving up & I LOVE the girl gang 😍 thank you all!
I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. So much happier, committed to this journey y'all!
I am so happy I came across your app...I'm part of the most amazing and inspiring group of people! The Fitgurlmel app took me to the next level!
I am so glad I found the firgurl programs. Mel is so awesome and motivating. I have never felt more confident about myself and my body.
Love it. I finally started for the first time. It feels different. It's the real sh*t.
Mel has definitely changed my life! I'm proud of my accomplishments, but I have more to do!
I had to do it for me, and honestly my workouts with you are my favorite part of the day. xoxoxo
You're such a motivation!!! Losing 25 lbs wasn't easy, but I'm still going and can't wait to see amazing results - can't wait for the next challenge!

🏆 What you can win

There will be THREE GRAND PRIZE WINNERS selected, as well as one weekly random winner for Vega!

  • 1st Place:

    • 1 week in-person (or Zoom) training with me!
    • 1yr free app membership
    • 1 SECONDLEFT Sport outfit (crop, shrug, jacket + leggings)
    • Vega prize pack valued at $500
  • 2nd Place:

    • $250 SECONDLEFT online gift card
    • 1yr free app membership
    • Vega prize pack valued at $250
  • 3rd Place:

    • $150 SECONDLEFT online gift card
    • 1yr free app membership
    • $100 gift card
    • Vega prize pack valued at $150

🥇 How to win

Winners will be chosen based on participation, adherence to the training plan, engagement, and progress. This is not a "who loses more weight competition" — it's about community support, being engaged, and bringing each other up.

  • In order to be eligible to win, you must post and share your journey in any way shape or form you like (app community, FB group, social media, etc.)

  • Make sure to submit your before photos & goals, take a Day 33 progress pic & submit your final photos & testimonial at the end!

  • Be sure to follow @fitgurmel, @fitgurlmelapp on IG

  • Final challenge winners will be announced on social and email by the beginning of April

What to expect

The program will be cut into two parts, and although the body loves repetition and the fact that creating habits involves doing the same thing over and over there is a fine line between becoming bored quickly and keeping it consistent but fun.

The 1st half (first 33 days) will be about getting into the groove and building strength and a solid base, we’re going to keep the reps mid range and slow the movements down with tempo.

The 2nd half we’re ramping things up with higher reps, keeping our focus but pumping the reps out giving it a bit more energy making it fun and dynamic, these workouts are going to go by quickly and kick your ass in the best way. Get ready to sweat, we’re going to push hard these next 33 days.

  • Training: 5 days in the gym or 5 days at home a mixture of weight training and body weight exercises with some dedicated simple cardio.

  • Nutrition: You'll get my nutrition guide and healthy vegan (and non-vegan) recipes to make at home. The nutrition guide will guide you on how to calculate your calories depending on if you want to gain, lose or maintain weight.

5 Days, 5 Rules

No one is perfect and I think one reason why people give up is because there’s no wiggle room. We all make mistakes and that’s normal and expected. This is why every day you get a freebie (you don’t have to take it) that will not impact your goals or results for these 66 days. Every day you’re allowed to Not complete 1 of the 5 daily rules but you CANNOT skip the same one twice in that week. For instance if you skip your workout Monday you cannot miss another session that week and so on and so forth for the other 4 rules.

  • 1

    Drink AT MINIMUM 66oz of water a day

  • 2

    Follow the 5 day training program

  • 3

    Take 10 min out of your day to do nothing, no phone, no TV. Just sit and look up at the trees or take a nap, or just close your eyes and focus on your breath

  • 4

    Eat at least 1 home cooked meal a day. Does not matter which meal it is.

  • 5

    Set yourself up to get at minimum 7 hours of sleep.

📸 How to take Before/Afters photos

Please follow the below instructions for your progress photos. I also recommend taking photos at the halfway mark, Day 33 to track your progress in the first & second half of the challenge.

At the end of the challenge, please submit a Day 1 vs. Day 66 comparison photo using this Canva template.

  • Pictures should be taken in front of a white background (or solid color/remove clutter from the background) & no mirror selfies please.

  • Make sure your full body is visible (feet included)!

  • Take photos from all sides: front, back, side and make sure your arms are down to sides (like this example!)

  • Wear the same outfit for both before & after photos (recommended: sports bra & shorts or shirtless & shorts for men)

  • Make sure to hold a sign that says: Day 1, Day 33 & Day 66 when you take your progress photos

  • At the end of the challenge, use THIS TEMPLATE to submit a before/after photo comparison.

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download the app

Sign up for the challenge on this page and then download the FitGurlMel app to access. If you are already an app subscriber, you will automatically have access to challenge — but remember you still need to submit your before/after pictures to be eligible for prizes.


Submit before and after photos

Submit your before photos by Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Take a Day 33 progress pic & Submit your after photos by Sunday, March, 24, 2024.


Join my community!

Join the FitGurlMel community. Remember, engagement on social media is a huge part of the challenge — tag me in stories, comment in the group, and share your progress!

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