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Vascularity + V-Lines

4-Week Challenge

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About the Challenge

Welcome to Vascularity + V-Lines Summer Challenge. This is the challenge to shred + build. MoMo built this strategic 4 week program to master your main lifts, increase your fast twitch muscle fibers, lean out + create more vascularity. Phase I Shred: It builds muscle mass, burns fat + overloads your strength. Phase II Power: Increase confidence, strength + fast twitch muscle fibers.

You will feel stronger in and out of the gym. We have new app videos, new programming for the gym or home + workouts to get you strong AF. Whether you’re wanting to become more yourself, skyrocket your self-confidence + get workouts that will increase your body euphoria, Vascularity + V-Lines is made for you.

It all starts Monday July 1, 2024 - see you there bb!

Doing this challenge felt so good mentally and physically! It made me push past some breaking points while also allowing room for rest and rejuvenation. Overall I felt very strong the whole time and it was...
Anna Roach
This challenge really forged the connection between my mind and body. I would feel my mind talking me out of doing things my body knew it could do, this awareness made me become physically and mentally...
I loved it. I liked the variety and the split of this challenge. The pictures may not tell the whole story, but sprinkle on that my body fat is down 3%, a new PR and an amazing community surrounding these...
Michelle Kaim
This challenge was even better than the first! (Somehow) You’ve created a community that I’m in love with, and you push me to be better every single day. Your program works and I would bet on you and your...
Kallie McDonald
This challenge has been so beneficial for me to stay consistent and motivated with my fitness goals. There is just something about a bunch of people doing the challenge together that helps me to show up and...
Becky Lyons
I loved this challenge. It really helped me get back into a healthy routine and habits especially when it came to my nutrition. I got serious and actually tried to listen to every piece of advice momo talks...
Rocky Manrique
I LOVED THIS CHALLENGE. It was deceptively challenging. About three days before the start of this challenge I got into a really bad car accident. One that I’m still surprised I walked away from. I was off...
August Forman
Challenge was great - would have liked a more difficult ending week, but that's just my want to lift heavy *things* more lol. The community of people and motivation and support is unmatched. Even though I...
Nicole Pastre
Dude, I haven’t been this lean and buff before. Thank you. Best summer program EVER.
Dani Gee

Learn the Exact Science

  • 5 days a week to shred + build your physique

  • Never before seen programming to unlock your most ripped physique

  • Feel seen with community created to support you

  • Increase testosterone, HGH + fat burning hormones naturally

  • Get shredded + strong through strategic workouts

  • Kick off video with MoMo

Join the Community

Be surrounded by like-minded individuals that understand your struggles, that support your wins + cheer you on through all of summer.

The Results

“I started from social anxiety and identity issues to confidence and action by rewiring my brain and body to match my true self. In 4 weeks we’ll transform internally + externally while getting the best workouts of your life."

- Coach MoMo

🏆 Prizes:

Winner is based off engagement, support of the community + sharing their story throughout out this process.

  • $1,000 Cash

  • $400 1st Phorm Gift Card

  • $400 Scared But Alive gift card

  • 1 year of training with MoMo on the app

  • The Perfect Form Program + any Body Type Program of your choice

🥇 How to Win

Best engagement wins: I’ll be looking for weekly updates in the Facebook Group, story updates on Instagram, and leaving reviews of each workout.

  • To be eligible for the prizes, please submit progress photos following the directions below.

  • We will be choosing a winner based on transformation of any kind (muscle gain, fat loss, postural changes, etc.) as well as consistency and engagement throughout the challenge.

  • Download this graphic, share it on social & tag me on IG @momomuscle using the hashtag #momomuscle so I can follow your journey, see your progress, and help keep you motivated and accountable!

✍️ How to Enter


Sign up & download the app

Sign up on this page and then download the app. If you already have the app downloaded, you'll automatically have access to the challenge when it launches. However, remember to submit your before and after photos to be eligible to win prizes.


Submit before & after photos

Submit BEFORE picture using the button below by 11:59pm PST July 1st with a sign that says "MoMo[Muscle]". Submit AFTER photo by 11:59pm PST August 2nd with a sign that says "MoMo[Muscle]".


Connect on social

Join the Muscle Babe Facebook Group for more information and support. Plus, tag me @momomuscle on IG throughout — remember, best engagement wins!

Real Results

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