Alice Klomp - 6 Week Summer Challenge

6 Week Summer Challenge

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About the challenge

We’ve got six weeks until we dive into Summer 2022! Our previous challenge was AWESOME, with good support and community vibes in our Facebook group. Let’s bring that same energy to this next six-week challenge. Let’s feel confident and GLOW together this summer!!
I truly enjoyed the challenge! It has been so nice being a part of such a positive and supportive workout community. It has definitely been extremely helpful with keeping me accountable and on track, and I...
This was such a great challenge. It was the first one I’ve ever fully completed, normally I drop out at about the 4 week mark. I know that I’m physically stronger, and I can lift more than I could at the...
If I’m being completely honest. I’ve done allot of intense workouts. This one was so easy to understand and very challenging. Thank you so much for explaining every workout and help me stay strict to the...
This challenge has been the best thing that I have done. I went through alot emotionally and not only did it help me to push through and work for it, But it also showed me who I have in my life that’s there...
The past 6 weeks have been an excellent experience for testing my limits and working on myself. The videos and descriptions make the workouts understandable if you don’t have much lifting experience, and the...

🏆 What you can win

I will pick 3 lucky winners!

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    $750, annual sub

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    $500, annual sub

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    $250, annual sub

🥇 How to win

Winners will be chosen based on several items, such as engagement within the app, Instagram, and the Pineapplebrat App Facebook group. It will also be measured on your consistency within the platform, physical and mental growth, and showing an overall positive change during the experience! This is specifically by progress photos, log-ins into the app, completion of workouts, and positivity within different platforms.

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