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Training to build muscle & strength

Introducing the Robert John app
My lower, upper, and full-body workouts will help you burn body fat and build a muscular, strong physique.
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Increase your athleticism while building a positive mindset.

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See what my muscle-building community has to say:

  • Over the last year I decided to start working with Robert to improve my diet, obtain a better understanding of my food choices and to decrease body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Robert was very professional and knowledgeable and he developed weekly macronutrient targets that I would use as a guide for my daily nutritional needs. We adjusted each of these targets, as needed, and once we started to see the physical changes on my body during our regular updates. It was truly a pleasure working with Robert and I am grateful for the experience, and learning the tools to achieve my fitness goals. I would highly recommend Robert’s fitness program to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness. Robert was very encouraging, motivating and thorough throughout the entire fitness program.
  • For many years I tried yo-yo dieting, Boot Camp twice a day, no carbs, low carbs, no fats, low fats, whole 30, fasted cardio, two workouts a day and I always ended up at the same plateau never as ripped or lean as I wanted to be. I began working with Robert in March of 2021 and my fitness journey has been transformed in a way I never imagined possible. Robert has genuinely shown to care about my progress and takes the time to answer all of my health related questions. I never imagined that I could have such a good relationship with food and eat anything I want (with moderation) and still see amazing results. I cannot believe I waited as long as I did to contact Robert. In my opinion, he is the best online coach there is!
  • I have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle--both from an exercise and nutrition perspective. When I wanted to raise my exercise and nutrition regimen to a higher level, I reached out to Robert for assistance. Robert is an exceptional and first-class coach--he has helped me get to my healthiest body composition ever. Through weekly check-ins, Robert has educated me on nutrition and exercise as well as given me motivation and emotional support to reach my goals. Whether you’re a life-long athlete, a weekend warrior or just starting on your fitness journey, Robert is your go-to healthy lifestyle expert!
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Meet Robert John

As a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, as well as a former college athlete, I’ve had a lifelong passion for health and wellness. I come from a family of athletes, and am a former Barry’s Chicago group fitness instructor. I place a strong emphasis on functional movement, traditional weighted strength training, body weight training, and individual nutrition education. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of movement, food, and life balance with this community, and I will be here to motivate you every step of the way. Let’s get to work!

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