Sally’s New Year Strength Challenge


Sally's New Year Strength Challenge

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For the next 6 weeks, I have designed a workout program for all levels to improve your strength, endurance and athletic abilities. You can expect bodyweight & dumbbell training sessions and run workouts in this 6-week challenge. Prepare to commit to the workouts and learn how to balance strength training and endurance. This is a GREAT way to kick off your overall fitness as you head into the New Year! This program will consist of 6 weeks of creative, powerful workouts programmed for all levels (Beginner to Advanced). You will need only minimal equipment, listed below, and I recommend having a wearable device (COROS, Apple Watch, etc) to track your run distance and pace. Each week we are going to get fitter as we commit to a STRONG New Year!
  • Dumbbells (med/heavy)
  • Resistance band (looped)
  • Foam roller
  • Swiss ball/Pilates ball
  • (optional, but recommended) wearable device

🏆 What you can win


✍️ How to enter

  • 1

    Submit a BEFORE photo by Jan 17th via button below (include a sign with: Name, Date)

  • 2

    Make sure you download my app and start the challenge on January 17th. If you don't have it already, you can download it after submitting your entry to the challenge. If you already have the app downloaded, just follow the New Year Strength program in the "workout" section of the app, launching Jan 17th.

  • 3

    Submit an AFTER photo at the end of the 6-week challenge, no later than March 3rd (include a sign with: Name, Date)

🥇 How to win

  • 1

    Complete the workouts each week in the Sally’s New Year Strength Challenge program

  • 2

    Engage with the community in the private Facebook group

  • 3

    Share your progress. Download this graphic and share on IG and make sure to tag me @yellowrunner

  • 4

    Share your journey on social media using the hashtag #choosestrong2022. This isn’t required, but we’ll be following along with these hashtags and it could help your chances of winning the prize.

  • 5

    Make sure to submit an AFTER photo no later than March 3rd, at the end of the 6-week challenge (holding a sign with: Name, Date)

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