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Unlock your inner elite athlete

Introducing the Sam Sacal app
The goal is to maximize your strength output, improve cardiovascular endurance, and work on your conditioning and resistance training. We will also include dynamic mobility, flexibility, and recovery methods.
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A unique training blueprint just for you! shown on a device

A unique training blueprint just for you!

Train in the gym or at-home with modifications to see serious results in your physique & overall health.

Push Day (Chest)

Pull Day (Back)


Shoulders and Arms

PLUS, new workouts every week!

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

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Meet Sam Sacal

I have always been fascinated by the physical limits and capacity of the human body, and from a young age I’ve pursued its understanding. Through my dedicated lifetime participation in a wide range of competitive sports including, swimming, water polo, martial arts, running, and more, I’ve been able to compile knowledge and understanding of the human body and its physical form. My passion for athletics and fitness naturally led me to the weight room. It's here where I began to master and utilize the strength and aesthetic aspects of bodybuilding into my everyday life. And now at this point of my fitness journey, my passions lay with helping others build the perfect anatomy fit for them and helping them achieve their peak physical form and athletic selves. It is here where I would like to bring all the knowledge I have cultivated over the years throughout my experiences in fitness and sport, and make available to my community all the tools and guides necessary to help them achieve their goals.

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