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6 Week Challenge

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About the Challenge

Welcome to my very first challenge in my new app - starting Monday JULY 18th!! I'm so excited to kick off the next 6 weeks with you all! *** This program is designed with all of you in mind and will take a progressive approach as the weeks continue. It will be a good blend of strength and endurance training, and will be full body focused. There will be 4 workouts per week, all designed to be under 1 hr long. Both gym & home versions will incorporate a variety of exercises in each workout to really challenge your body and mind - and they're designed to be efficient and doable for anyone! *** My goals for each of you with this program is to help you build strength in just 6 weeks, to challenge yourself physically and mentally, to allow these workouts to be a time for you to push yourself, decompress, and build confidence! This should be challenging but FUN! I want you to learn new tricks and techniques, to be confident when working out (and for the rest of the day). Consistency and enjoyment are both KEY in succeeding with this program and in your fitness journeys. Let’s do it together! So...whose ready!?
I can’t believe the challenge is over! Thank you for everything! While the challenge may be over, my habits are not. I already meal prepped my whole week. And I will continue follow the workout plan you gave...
This challenge made me learn so much about my body and what works for me! Thank you Sami for your guidance, encouragement and expertise
It has been such an incredible journey for me. I remember sharing with you at the beginning that my goal for this challenge was to get back to where I was before I moved and better. I feel like I was able to...
My jeans that didn’t fit 5 months ago fit now! I can do weighted tricep push ups (what?!?!) and I’ve gained back my motivation and inspiration to push and make myself a priority again
The accountability is truly what made this successful for me. I am so excited for how far this program brought my and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to the future
I’m so much stronger than I was 10 weeks ago. I am so much happier than I was 10 weeks ago. And I have far more confidence than I did 10 weeks ago

🏆 What you can win

  • 1ST PRIZE:

    • $500 CASH
    • $500 P'tula Shopping Spree
    • P'tula Accessory Set (Bands, Gluteband & Foot Straps)
    • 1 Year Free Subscription to my App
  • 2ND PRIZE:

    • $200 P'tula Shopping Spree
    • Airpods
    • 3 Month Subscription to my App
  • 3RD PRIZE:

    • $100 P'tula Giftcard
    • 3 Month Subscription to my App

🥇 How to win

I will be choosing 3 winners based on engagement on IG and in the
FB group
as well as the before/after pictures that are submitted. For this challenge we'll also be doing a pre and post-challenge strength test to see how you progress! **Make sure to share your strength test results on IG and in the FB group, to increase your chances of winning!**

  • Share your journey in the private FACEBOOK GROUP. Meet other challenge participants and Sami Bossert fitness squad friends, engage in motivational tips, and be a part of the amazing community.

  • Download this graphic and share it on social tagging me @samibossert, so I can see how you're doing and cheer you on throughout the challenge!

  • Make sure to use this graphic and share your pre and post-challenge strength test results to I can follow along with your journey!

✍️ How to enter


Submit before & After Photos

Take a BEFORE picture no later than WED JULY 20th, and submit below! At the end of the challenge, take an AFTER picture and submit by FRI SEPT 2nd. Make sure you hold a sign with “SWEAT WITH SAMI”, and the date! REQUIREMENTS: please wear the same outfit in your BEFORE AND AFTER photos. After all, a huge measuring tool is how your clothes fit!

Make sure you have my app

Download the app to access the "SWEAT WITH SAMI" challenge program! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit before/after photos, and you’ll automatically have access to the program in the workout section of the app!

Follow along on Instagram + Facebook

Follow me on IG and tag me in your journey @samibossert. Join my FB community group for support & cheer each other on

Complete the Pre-challenge and post-challenge strength test

Share your progress with me from the pre-challenge and post challenge strength test: plank hold, push ups, lunges & squats!

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