Sami Bossert - Sweat with Sami Challenge 3

Sweat with Sami 3

8-Week Challenge

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About the Challenge

Who’s ready for ROUND 3?! This program will be a comprehensive and progressive program that will work your entire body from head to toe each week — and all with just 60 minute workouts!

This one will focus a bit more on progressive overload and strength rather than endurance. You’ll find the gym program will have a bit more variety and the opportunities for more strength building due to more access to weights and machines. The home program will be incredibly challenging, but more doable for some of you and in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Both programs will incorporate a variety of exercises in each workout to really challenge your body and mind while keeping equipment minimal — this is to ensure each workout is as efficient and doable for each of you.

This program is 8 weeks long with 4-5 workouts per week. My goals for each of you with this program is to build strength with a nice blend of traditional movements with some more unique accessory movements. I want you to challenge yourself physically and mentally and to allow these workouts to be the time to push yourself and build confidence in yourself! I want this program to be challenging, yet fun at the same time. I want you to learn new tricks and techniques, to be confident when working out (and for the rest of the day). I hope you grow mentally and physically by the end of the 8th week. Consistency and enjoyment are both KEY in succeeding with this program and in your fitness journeys. Let’s do it together!

I was absolutely blown away by this challenge! The workouts were efficient, sweaty, and perfect for a post partum mama! I love Sami’s style of training-strength focused but also aims to keep the heart rate…


This was a perfect challenge to get back into a routine with and the community with all the ladies that participated made it so much fun! Being on the journey together kept us all motivated and accountable…


This challenge was just what I needed to get me on track when it came to working out consistently and the accountability I needed to stay on track. I gained physical strength, mental strength, and so much…


This program has also allowed me to achieve greater glute activation throughout the entire workout which is hard for me! I loved that! Looking forward to the fall challenge. :)


I loved this challenge so much!!! It was the exact catapult I needed to get into a healthy routine! Thank you so much for keeping it challenging, fresh, and fun! I still have a lot of work left to do but…


This is the first workout challenge I have ever done every. Single. Workout. I am so beyond proud of myself, even if it was a shorter program. This has helped me to get back into the habit of prioritizing…


Amazing workouts, manageable with busy schedule being only 45min and a few flex days if needed. Loved it and the app worked great 😍 Can’t wait for the next one!!


🏆 What you can win

  • 1st prize: $500 cash, $500 P'tula shopping spree, P'tula accessory set (bands, glute band, and foot straps) 1-year free subscription to my app

  • 2nd prize: $200 P'tula shopping spree, P'tula puffed tote, 3-month subscription to my app

  • 3rd prize: $100 P'tula gift card, 3-month subscription to my app

🥇 How to win

I will choose 3 winners based on engagement on IG, inside the FB group, as well as the before/after pictures that are submitted.

  • Share your journey in the private Facebook group. Meet other challenge participants and Sami Bossert fitness squad friends, engage in motivational tips, and be a part of the amazing community.

  • Download the graphic after you sign up for the challenge and share it on social. Tag me @samibossert, so I can see how you're doing and cheer you on throughout the challenge!

  • Note: Submission of before & after photos is completely optional! I want this program to encourage more than just a physical transformation, and will be giving out weekly prizes for engagement! However, before/after photos will be required to be eligible for one of the 3 grand prizes.

Equipment requirements



How to submit before & after photos

  • PHOTOS: To be eligible for one of the three grand prizes, make sure to submit before photos no later than WED 3/15 and submit below! At the end of the challenge, take AFTER pictures and submit by SUN 5/14 — take photos RELAXED and FLEXED.

  • **NOTE: Photos are optional, as this challenge is about more than just your physical transformation! You also have the option to submit photos to be eligible for the grand prizes but mark them as "not re-postable" so they will be kept private!

  • Make sure there’s a sign behind you that says “SWEAT WITH SAMI”, and the date.

  • OTHER REQUIREMENTS: please wear the same outfit in your BEFORE AND AFTER photos. Ideally, wear less clothes (i.e. a bathing suit, short shorts/sports bra). Be comfortable but the less you’re wearing, the more changes you’ll see between the photos

  • **BONUS: Add in your stats/measurements if you feel comfortable:

    • Height

    • Weight

    • Chest

    • Arm

    • Waist

    • Hip

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download the app

Download the app to access the "SWEAT WITH SAMI" challenge program! If you already have the app downloaded, you just need to submit before/after photos, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge in the workout section of the app! **Make sure you wait for confirmationof your entry, after you hit submit! And do not forget to submit your final photos using the same link!


Submit before & after photos

Submit before pictures no later than Wed March 15th, submit below! At the end of the challenge, take after pictures and submit by Sunday May 14th. Take photos RELAXED AND FLEXED. Note: photos are optional but required to be eligible for one of the grand prizes.


Engage on Instagram & Facebook

Follow me on Instagram and tag me in your journey @samibossert. Join my Facebook community for support and to cheer each other on.


Pre- and post-challenge strength test

Time how long you can hold/how many you can do before resting: Plank, Push-Ups (full body or on bent knees), Alt. Jumping Lunges (modification: alt. reverse lunges - how many in 2 mins), Wall Sit

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