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Strengthen your mind & body

Introducing the Shaina Fata app
My goal is to help you crush your fitness goals. We will tone our bodies and build lean muscle with minimal equipment, bodyweight exercises, and yoga. Form a deeper connection with your body and experience new and creative ways to move and sweat!
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Move & sweat with my weekly workouts shown on a device

Move & sweat with my weekly workouts

Designed for you to be able to do with minimal equipment, at home or on the go!

Strength Workouts

Bodyweight Exercises

Mobility & Stretching

Yoga Flows

PLUS, new workouts every week!

Create a routine & get stronger with my programs

Filled with functional, creative, & sweaty workouts to keep you on track!

Minimal or No Equipment

Strength Training


Handstands & Flexibility

Form a deeper mind/body connection

Create a routine & get stronger with my programs shown on a device

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My app is one of the highest-rated on the App Store (and there’s a reason for that).

Ask me questions in the app

Easy-to-follow videos

​Download workouts for offline

​Stream workouts to your TV

​Track your progress & collect health data

​Share sweaty selfies to Instagram

All-access pass to 
premium features shown on a device
Meet Shaina Fata shown on a device

Meet Shaina Fata

Hi! I’m Shaina. I was born & raised in Green Bay and recently found my way out to Costa Mesa with my husband and our two fur-children. My passion for fitness and yoga started over 6 years ago. I fell in love with yoga first and then started incorporating other bodyweight workouts into my at-home routine. I have a special love for at-home fitness and like to challenge myself and others both mentally and physically through my workouts. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2018 and a certified personal trainer at the beginning of 2021. Throughout this time I began teaching and practicing at a local yoga studio, along with working under a creative and functional fitness trainer. I also became very active on social media in this time. Fast forward to today and I am instructing fitness, health and yoga full-time! I am so proud of how far this has come and I hope to continue to share, grow, and get stronger with my amazing community! I hope you can find something that works for you here! Let’s all get our bodies moving!!

See what my muscle-building community has to say:

  • Love this full body workout. So much variation so you never get bored and work out a bunch of different muscles!
  • Sweaty quick and to the point! Love me a good under 20 min sweat 😍
  • This was the perfect timed workout to fit my schedule! And good sweat to start my day!
  • This program feels SO GOOD!! I fell out of my fitness routine for a few weeks and decided to do a second time through with this program to get back on track. It is challenging, it makes me feel strong and it fits perfectly in my schedule. Shaina’s programs are THE BEST!!
  • As a massage therapist I’m constantly using my wrists and thumbs- I appreciated this workout being all standing so I can still get a sweat in without compromising my body! Thank you 💕
  • Shaina is literally amazing. If you haven’t purchased access to her programs what are you even doing? Truly makes it accessible for all levels 🙏❤️

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