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About the challenge

The Commit to Consistency 8-week Challenge is for women that are looking to start the year off committing to consistency when it comes to fitness. This challenge is all about dialing in your discipline and showing up for every single workout from start to finish, with our incredible community alongside you. Start with us from the beginning and we’ll be there to cheer you on and give you the tools you need to succeed every step of the way!

New year, new format – we are focusing on simple, strength workouts more than ever to switch things up and keep you challenged throughout the entire 8 weeks. Here’s the new weekly format:

MONDAY: Lower-Body Strength

TUESDAY: Upper-Body Strength


THURSDAY - Lower-Body Strength

FRIDAY - Upper-body Strength

SATURDAY - Run Day (a variety of treadmill workouts, outdoor runs, speed workouts, etc.)

SUNDAY - Rest Day

Get Ready! The Challenge Starts Monday, January 1, 2024!

This challenge, the workout program you guys have build within this app has changed my life! I've always worked out and have done many different types of training and for the last several years since having...
Cassidi S.
This past eight weeks has been amazing. have not really worked out in 10 years and if I have I have not been able to stick with it very long. I was able to stay committed and I really think that has to do...
Brooke B.
Loved it! I've completed the first, second, and now third challenge! I love them so much and can't wait until August 1st for the next one. All of these workouts have been incredible. The amount I've improved...
Renee P.
This 8 week challenge (and the other 12 weeks) has been a blessing to my physical and mental health. I've struggled with anxiety for a while and It's so cool when you have a healthy program to push you in a...
Shawna G.
I loved it! I'm a year PP with my twins and this was the first time felt motivated to do workouts daily and stick to a program. I'm finally finding my new self and I'm loving it!
Katelyn D.
Ok, SO have a background of fitness from bodybuilding to CrossFit .. this has been by far my favorite workout program I've ever followed. So many dynamic movements covering all the planes. Not only was it...
Cassie A.
I loved this challenge, I love doing challenges and participate often. But when I tell you this has literally been the most life changing one, it truly has been. First, over the last 8 weeks I have lost great...
Kindle E.
This challenge has been truly life changing for me. I started working out with y'all's programs in January and while every program has been amazing this one is where my love for fitness has started to...
Juliana S.
This challenge was absolutely amazing! In an effort to get my body and health back, stepped back into exercise 9 months ago as a true beginner. I had developed a consistent run routine but had been struggling...
Jackie J.
It was amazing! I was an athlete & have been familiar with working out for a long time. I was super bored and unmotivated with my workouts prior to this program. And since becoming a mom I really wanted...
Briana A.
I think this challenge was just what I was needing to get myself back in a better headspace and kept me on track. Before I was just doing random workouts and I felt like I was just putting on a ton of weight...
Tamarra C.
I started this challenge to prove something to myself. To start something and finish it and to get my body back on track. For the first time in years, I put myself first and I couldn't be more proud of...
Shayna H.
This challenge kept me going. I had a really hard few months navigating some postpartum challenges but this challenge kept me disciplined to keep moving and exercising every day. Though some days I didn't...
Danielle S.
This challenge was everything. I've been doing crossfit for a couple years and despite the intensity, I have not gotten close to my fitness goals. At the end of March went to the gym, followed the WOD and got...
Chaney B.
This program has completely transformed my mind, my attitude and my dedication towards my body, my health and my energy. It has been well never that I have stuck to a program for 8 weeks straight! Doing...
I have never thought of myself as "fat" or "overweight" but wouldn't have called myself "healthy. In 2022 I had my first baby in July he was born 6 weeks early due to me developing HELLPS syndrome. I blamed...
Tally P.
I loved this!! I finished training for a half marathon in November and really felt like I was in a rut, being burnt out of running but not knowing where to start in the gym. I'd previously been doing several...
Trista T.
This challenge has been life changing! I never thought I would be excited to wake up at 5am to workout. I'm a full-time working mom of two littles and I needed something time efficient and something that...
Sarah M.
These past 8 weeks have been life changing. I have truly learned the meaning of discipline. I am proud of myself for showing up on days when I didn't think l had the energy to. And for always giving it my all...
Lauren F
This 8 week challenge is exactly what I needed after having my first baby. was 7 weeks postpartum recovering from a very painful c-section. The joys of motherhood were quickly clouded with physical pain from...
I may not have huge physical changes from my before/after photos, but honestly this challenge has brought me so much more than a "physical" change. These last 8 weeks have given me a HUGE mental shift that I...
Lauren C.
Thank you for this challenge! I am so proud of myself for completing it. I started the challenge 4.5mo postpartum with my second baby and was SO discouraged at how my postpartum body looked compared to after...
The challenge was great! stuck with every workout. I only missed 2 throughout the entire 8 weeks. I've never been that consistent. also got more comfortable at my gym, because so many of the workouts had me...
Amanda E.
I absolutely loved the challenge and look forward to the next one. Wildcard Wednesday's were by far my favorite. I'm sad that my after photos don't look like I made any gains but moving forward I will be...
Stephanie W.
This challenge has helped me grow physical, and mentally. On 2019 I had my first son and then got pregnant with my second son in 2020 and at 39 weeks pregnant we found out he was stillborn and had no...
The most consistent I've ever been! I woke up each day looking forward to the next workout and having this community held me accountable. I'm so thankful for this program, these people, and the person I'm...
Rayme A.
I have loved this challenge! It has gotten me through the hardest parts of postpartum depression/anxiety. am SO happy to say that I have been able to come off of antidepressants. I think having a fun workout...
Deanna K.
I can't even begin to express how amazing this challenge was for me. It pushed me to the next level and made me realize that I'm capable of so much more than I thought that was. started this challenge unsure...
Jennifer W.

🏆 What you can win

There will be One Grand Prize winner to receive:

  • $1,000 Lululemon gift card or Rogue Fitness Gift Card (your choice!)

  • BPN Supplement Stack

  • Garmin Venu 2S

🥇 How to win

  • We will choose the grand prize winner based on the before & after pictures that are submitted.

  • After you sign up, download the IG story graphic & share it, tagging both Makayla & Stef so we can see your progress and cheer you on throughout the 8 weeks!

How to Take Before & After Photos

  • Wear the same outfit in the same place in each photo.

  • Hold up a piece of paper with “Commit To Consistency 8-week Challenge” & the date on it in both photos!

✍️ How to enter


Sign up & download the app

Sign up for the challenge on this page, download our app & subscribe to either the $14.99/month or $99.99/year plan (first week is FREE)! If you already have the app downloaded, just sign up on this page, and you’ll automatically have access to the challenge once it begins on January 1st.


Submit before & after photos

Before photos due by Sunday, January 5th and after photos will be due by Sunday, March 3rd. See "How to take Before & After Photos" section above.

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