Add More Details to Your Content With the Latest App Update

We’ve made a bunch of updates to collections. You can now add additional information about your program or category (like goals, difficulty levels, etc.) to give users more knowledge of your content.

This information will show up on your sales landing page (when users click on a specific collection) and will help users understand if a program or challenge aligns with their individual needs and physical abilities. With these details displayed they will be more inclined to make a purchase if your programs and workouts seem right for them.

All updates apply to both the creator app and the admin panel.

Here’s what’s new:

1. Customize by color

2. Add keywords to your collection

This will make your content more discoverable in the future.

3. Add a goal to the program

So subscribers know what to expect.

4. Customize the duration of a program

Set the overall length. There is an option to add days per week and minutes per session too.

    5. List the equipment required

    6. Set the difficulty level of a collection

    Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

    7. Specify the location of a collection

    Gym, Home, or Outdoor

    8. Select pre-written FAQs

    Or add your own. Plus, reorder FAQs easily.

    9. Add reviews

    With text and before and after images so subscribers can see through social proof your methods work.

      As mentioned before, users can view this information on your sales landing page when they click on a specific collection. This is what it looks like:

      Having all of this information visible and available on a sales page helps to communicate your unique value proposition to people looking to sign up, which, in turn, can boost your sales.

      We are also working on improvements to the consumer app that will make all of the new information you input available for them to view. Future iterations will also allow the details you’ve put in (i.e. 30 Minutes, Outdoors, Beginner, Yoga, etc.) to become searchable on the app making your content more discoverable to new and existing subscribers.


      Where can subscribers view the additional information I’m adding to my collections?

      Right now, the additional fields and sections will be visible to consumers on your sales landing page. In the future, this information will help promote your channel in search and discovery in the consumer app and the resulting layout updates to your channel will be visible in the upcoming months.

      Can I add this level of detail to individual workouts?

      Currently this information is only available for programs and categories. It is not available on individual workout videos, but we will be adding this feature soon — stay tuned!

      Do I need to go back and update all my existing programs and categories with this information?

      While you are not required to fill the new informational fields out for your existing content, it’s a good idea to do so. Simply edit any of your legacy content to input all of these fields quickly and easily. This will help all of your content (old and new) be discovered easily in future updates and improvements to the consumer app.