Essentials for Your Playbook Profile

Time to #humblebrag about yourself! We know, talking about yourself can be difficult (and awkward!), but it’s important to include helpful info about who you are and what you do. This gives your new and existing subscribers some insight into your world and keeps them coming back for more. Additionally, consumers who download Playbook directly (not through your direct link or another creator’s) find this info helpful to see if they want to jump on board and workout with you.

Introduction Video

Just like all workout programs have an intro video, there’s also an intro video to your channel on the app. Welcome all new subscribers with a short (60-90 secs) video to say “hello!”

Keys to a great intro:

  • Be welcoming and energetic!

  • Introduce yourself and share your accomplishments

  • Explain your training style (what makes you/your channel unique)

  • Let them know what you’ll help with (weight loss, strength training, etc.)

  • Remind them to interact with you on the app

  • Tell them to share their progress

About Me

The “About Me” section on your channel goes a little deeper. Here, you’ll be able to share your qualifications with subscribers and let them know exactly what to expect and what they need to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s how it looks on the consumer app:

1. Title: List your titles, try to only include top 1-2 to keep it short and sweet. Examples: Trainer, Strength Coach, 300RYT Yoga Teacher, Weight Loss Coach, Gym Owner, etc.2. Story:Tell everyone who you are and what you’re passionate about!3. Goals:Explain what you want to accomplish with users and what they can expect when subscribing to your channel.4. Accomplishments:Any certifications, awards, or other impressive accomplishments to share? Here’s a space to brag!5. Requirements:Tell people what they’ll need in order to train with you (i.e. yoga mat, weights, cable machine, etc.). Keep in mind, the answer could simply be “your body” if no equipment is required.6. Social mediaYou’ll be able to link your Instagram account in the Playbook Creator app. On the consumer side, your subscribers can use this button to find and follow you.7. Want to know more?:The Playbook app has the ability to connect you directly with your subscribers. They can message you personally for tips, tricks, advice, etc. and you can answer — providing them with a personalized experience.