Film Awesome Videos Every Time With These Tips

Lights. Camera. Action! It’s time to get yourself in front of the camera to start filming your introduction videos and workouts. If you’re a little camera shy, don’t worry. These best practices for filming will make you a pro in no time.

Filming tips & tricks

Things like lighting, location, and personality are all important when filming your videos to produce the best content to catch your subscribers attention and keep them coming back for more. Best practices to follow for everything you’re filming:

  • Find the best natural lighting you can or consider purchasing a light to help

  • Film against solid backgrounds (white and light colors are best)

  • Look presentable and put-together, not like you just rolled out of bed

  • Reduce noise (including music) so people can hear you

  • If speaking, project your voice

  • Steady your hand or consider purchasing a tripod

  • Be energetic, positive, and enthusiastic

  • Always film in portrait, not landscape (this means vertical videos!)

Introduction videos

All of your workouts will begin with an introduction video to explain the workout, program, or challenge. In addition to the tips above, make sure you:

  • Say hello and interact with the user: Pretend you’re having a conversation with them)

  • Explain the program/workout/challenge: What it’s called, what it entails, how frequently they should workout, etc.

  • State the “why”: Why should your subscribers workout with you? Reinforce what they will gain (lose weight, build muscle, etc.)

Short-form workout videos

Short-form videos, as previously explained, are 60-90 secs or less. These demonstrate the workout the user will perform. Make sure to:

  • Demonstrate the move from the best possible angle: you want to make sure users can see your full form

  • Perform a couple reps: fully show the user how to perform the move a couple times in a row

  • Point out tips: if there’s something the user should know about form, weight, common mistakes, etc. tell them in the video (or make a note to write it in the exercise description)

Long-form workout videos

Long-form videos, as previously explained, are videos longer than two minutes that you have to upload to YouTube before the Playbook app. These videos are best-suited for continuous movement and exercises (think: yoga, meditation, tutorials, etc.). Make sure to:

  • Demonstrate the move from the best possible angle: you want to make sure users can see your full form

  • Keep the workout flowing: if a user is watching a long video you have to help them move through it with your narration

  • Include music: if possible include music to help with the flow