How to Choose the Right Workout Template

Workouts are the reason we’re all here — for back days and marathon training and yoga that channels our zen. Which template is right for you? Which template does your audience prefer?

There are two kinds of Playbook fans

We’ve found that Playbook brings in two types of people — gym people and class people. You already know which one your audience is!

Gym fan:

  • Self-motivated, takes their fitness and workouts into their own hands

  • Loves circuit workouts, personal training, and supersets

  • Probably has a gym membership (or a decent home equipment collection)

  • Prefers shorter clips and the potential to mix and match

Class fan:

  • Enjoys guided fitness classes

  • Needs motivation from YOU encouraging them and instructing them throughout the whole workout

  • Favorite class types may include yoga, Pilates, HIIT, or dance

  • Prefers longer videos (10+ minutes) so it’s one and done

Which template should I use?

Playbook’s templates are designed to help your content shine.

If you’re creating workouts for a gym fan: use single exercise and circuit templates

If your workouts are geared toward class fans: focus on the Class template.

  • Single exercise: Short-form videos (60 seconds max) of single exercises that are not part of a circuit.
    • This template is best for: Single exercises with multiple sets
      • EX: bench press, 3 sets of 13 reps, 60 second rest

      • EX: deadlift, 5 sets of 8 reps, 30 second rest

      • EX: squat, 8 sets of 10, 45 second rest

  • Circuit: You can add multiple exercise templates together to build a circuit. This is a great option if you are focusing on one muscle group or theme with multiple exercises — like an ab circuit containing five exercises, or HIIT training composed of four rounds.
    • This template is best for: Workouts focusing on specific muscle groups with multiple exercises
      • EX: chest superset — 3 rounds

      • EX: HITT training — 4 rounds

      • EX: abs circuit with 5 exercises

  • Class Template: If you have a long-form video (more than 45 sec) you’ll need to upload it to your Video Library first and then add it to a Class. Long-form videos are best for continuous movement and exercises. Try to keep your videos shorter than 45 minutes to make uploading it easier.
    • This template is best for: Yoga, spin, and meditation

You can use different templates for different workouts. You don’t have to pick one and stick with it forever. Once you get into the swing of creating content, picking the best template will be second nature.

When in doubt, audit it out!

Still wondering where to get started? Find a creator on the app who inspires you — someone whose audience is similar to yours and creates content you relate to.

Look at how they handle:

  • Length of content

  • Style of content

  • Sneak peeks on social media

Studying their accounts will help get your creative juices flowing. When in doubt, take a look around and see what’s out there — then put your own spin on it!

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