How to Get People to Subscribe to Your App

You have a new app, which is very exciting! But how do you even begin to get people (who aren’t your mom) to sign up for it? The steps are simple, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be put in at the outset to really make your business grow. Check out exactly how to build your community and get people to subscribe to your app below.

Step 1: Build your community

First, you need a community of people to pitch your app to. And while you may have a following on social media already, these tactics will help increase your followers and grow your pool of potential customers.

You can get people to engage with you by setting up a habit loop. This is a way to program your audience to get into the habit of interacting with you — bringing your more followers and potential subscribers as well as subscribing themselves.

The loop is:

  • Cue: Give them a cue to push them to post and tag you. Ex: Tag me in your sweaty workout selfie to show me how hard you’re working.

  • Routine: Set off cues every day reminding them “tag me and I’ll repost”. Seeing this routing daily will help them engage.

  • Reward: Once someone does what you say, reward them by doing what you said — repost them. When you do this, you get a reward too, their post gives you exposure to all of their followers and reposting them gives you likes, engagement, and encourages others to do the same for a reward.

Why does the habit loop work? Everyone wants a coach and a motivator. People are joining your app to workout, feel good, maybe even lose weight. They want to be acknowledged and know they’re doing a good job and you’re looking out for them. This fosters and builds a community and you’ll only succeed through lifting up your community of subscribers.

How can people tag you?

  • Comment and message you through the app

  • Instagram stories

  • Instagram DM

  • Instagram comments

  • Comments on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Remember: When people tag you you’re getting ratings and reviews you can reuse to help more people want to sign up for your platform. No matter how you’re asking your audience to interact with you, just make sure that you are engaging with them! This is the only way to succeed!

Your golden rule with your community should be to make one person per day feel amazing. It’s so easy to repost, tag, comment, shoutout, someone else’s success and the reward is too great not to engage.

Step 2: Make your app easy to buy

Convenience is important to everyone. You want to make sure that the opportunity to sign up for your app is only 1-click away. If you make it too complicated to find our sign up, you’ll lose people. Period.

How can you make your app easily accessible?

Put your Direct Sales Link on top of all your social media bios so it’s always right there for the consumer to easily find, click, and subscribe. In addition to bios, you can also add your link:

  • In your top 10 YouTube videos

  • Pin post to top of your Facebook/Twitter page

  • On your website

Even when these links are placed well, you still need to put in the work and TELL people to click on them. Having a clear call to action to click, swipe up, sign up, etc. is crucial to gaining subscribers.


Routine posting and promotion is the only way you’re going to both get and grow subscribers. It takes about 10-15 impressions (meaning a post that talks about your product) for someone to consider buying what you’re selling.

There are a million ways to pre-sell your page and to continue selling after you’ve launched. The most important thing is, regardless of how you do it that you’re routinely doing it!

Post ideas:

  • Social proof: show/share written and picture testimonials and reviews that prove your app works

  • Freebies: offer a free workout or nutrition guide when they give you their email or sign up for your app

  • Instill FOMO: Make them think they’re missing out on something great if they’re not on your app. Advertise everything that’s awesome about it and how much people love it.

  • Educate them: Tell them you’re launching an app/have an app but in the video or post also teach them something (i.e. how to do a handstand, portion sizes, 3 lunge variations for toned legs, etc.)