How to Post a Workout On Playbook

You’ve brainstormed. You’ve filmed. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of why you’re a Playbook creator — your workouts! Uploading workouts on Playbook is as easy as pushing a button (literally!).

We highly recommend building out your exercise library (using your list of ideas!) so you have all your videos easily accessible when you’re publishing new workouts.

To access your library, go to the More tab in your profile. Then choose the exercise library. Here, you’ll be able to stockpile exercise videos that you can then use to complete published workouts.


From here, you can start creating your workout.

Step 1: Begin uploading your workout


The center, purple + sign begins the creation process. Easy as pushing a button — told ya!

Step 2: Choose the right format


Remember, Class means anything longer than 45 seconds. Workout means an exercise under 45 seconds.

Step 3: Fill out the workout summary


To make your workout as easy to understand as possible, fill out each section.

  • Introduction Video (optional): This needs to be shot in portrait mode and no longer than 30 seconds. It’s a great way to get subscribers excited for the workout they’re about to do!
    • Talk about the workout

    • Talk about what muscles will be worked

    • Talk about frequency of training

  • Workout Title: This should be straightforward and short (leave out the mystery, people need to know what they’re signing up for)
    • EX: 20-Minute Ab Blaster

    • EX: Prenatal Morning Stretch

    • EX: 15-Minute Cardio Kickboxing

  • Workout Description: Give fans a little more info about the workout with a quick description — this should include any equipment (hand weights, yoga mat, etc) needed to complete the workout. (Have more questions on this? Learn more here.)

  • Duration: Subscribers like to know how much time they’re committing to!
    • If you need help picking out the duration of your workouts, check out our guide here.

Templates & tools to help

As you begin creating your workouts, make sure you’re taking the time to complete each description and introduction video (if applicable). This will help your subscribers understand exactly what you’re able to provide for them.

Need help explaining your workouts? Get inspiration from our description library (just Ctrl + F or Command + F on your keyboard to search for keywords).

Step 3: Select the right template

Next, pick the template. You already know which one to pick based off of what you filmed, but in case you need a refresher:

  • Exercise: Single exercise, max 45 secs video
    • EX: Bench press, 3 sets of 10 reps

  • Circuit: Multiple exercises grouped together, to be completed within a certain time frame or number of sets
    • EX: Ab circuit, 3 rounds of 5 different exercises

  • Class: Long-form videos (more than 45 seconds) for workouts like yoga, Pilates, or drills
    • Example: 30-minute strength yoga flow

    • To use this format, first upload your video to your Video Library. Once it’s in the Video Library, you will be able to use it to create a Class.

Step 4: Rinse & repeat

You need 5 workouts to go live so repeat this process 10 times.

Uploaded all 5? Fantastic! Hit “Go Live” and we’ll set your app live! But before you press that magic button, make sure you’ve checked everything off your launch day checklist.

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