How to Use Your Direct Sales Link to Earn Money

When your channel is ready to go live on the app, we will send you an email that includes your Direct Sales Link. This is a unique link specific to every creator that drives people to sign up for your app (aka Playbook). Here is an example:

When users click this link, they are taken to a customized page that shows your:

  • Intro video

  • Programs (as they are updated)

  • Workouts (as they are updated)

  • App features

Why your link is important

It’s how we pay you.

When consumers sign up for your channel through your Direct Sales Link they are allocating their subscription (and therefore their subscription money) directly to you. You will earn the full value of their monthly and annual subscriptions when they come through your link. The more people you drive through your link, the more earnings you lock in. The only way to lock in someone as your subscriber is if they sign up through your Direct Sales Link. If they come through your link, you own their earnings for life, no matter what or who they train with on the app.

It removes Apple & Google fees.

When a user downloads the app from the App Store or Google Play, those companies take a 30% cut of revenue from you. If you want to earn maximum money from your subscribers it’s imperative to push your Direct Sales Link out in as many places as possible.

If a user downloads from one of these stores instead of your Direct Sales Link you get paid based on the amount of times that specific viewer interacts with your content (vs. other creators’ content). Learn more about the nitty gritty of how payment breakdowns and percentage cuts here.

Where to find your link

If you’ve lost the email from us that has your sale link, no worries — you can still find it in the app. Go to the “More” tab > at the top of the page you will see “Copy Promo Link” > choose “Landing Page”.

Where to promote your link

You want to make sure your link is extremely accessible. It should never take a user more than two clicks to get there (ideally, just one).

Some places to promote:


  • Instagram bio

  • Instagram stories (Swipe up)

  • Bottom of your Instagram post

Other social channels

  • Twitter bio + pin to top of Twitter

  • Facebook bio + pin to top of Facebook

  • YouTube bio + add link in description of top 10 videos

  • Top position on Linktree



Giving subscription discounts using your link

Playbook allows you to run discount promotions in order to get people to sign up subscriptions. The most common one is $1 for a 30 day trial. It looks like this. This link Playbook creates for you goes straight to a checkout page enabling a user to subscribe for $1.

Because it goes straight to checkout there isn’t context on the page, which is why selling the value of the offer before you click the link is very important. Get people to click and sign up by explaining the value a user will get on the app and the types of content to look forward to.


  • Program 1

  • Program 2

  • New workouts every week/month

  • Nutrition guide

  • Message me through the app

  • Download my workouts

Take a look at all the features you can offer and advertise here.

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Advertise Playbook as “your app”

Think of Playbook as a platform to help you be successful. We want you to refer to Playbook as your app when you’re selling subscriptions. The reason for this is to help you build your own business (Playbook just gives you the platform). But another reason is if you advertise it as your app and don’t give people the name they’re more likely to download it through your Direct Sales Link instead of searching for Playbook directly on App Store or Google Play. Learn how to market the hell out of your launch here.