How to Use Your Playbook Feed

OK, so you’ve learned all about how templates work — now what? Now we get to the fun part! You need to understand how to build successful workouts using those templates, with tools we’ve specifically designed with your success in mind. To get started on this goal, allow us to introduce you to the feed.

What’s the feed?

Your Playbook feed is the last 10 workouts you’ve uploaded. When you upload a new one-off workout, it goes into the feed, archiving the 10th latest workout. This keeps things fresh and exciting for subscribers.


See that “Latest” section? That’s your feed! You’re able to label this differently if you want — some of our favorites are “workout of the week” and “quick workouts.” No matter what you call it, this is where your last 10 workouts will be held.

Why does the feed matter?

You should use the feed to keep your audience engaged — new workouts are shiny and fun for subscribers! Upload a workout of the week (or of the day if you’re feeling ambitious!) and keep your fans on their toes.


Remember, you need 10 workouts to go live. If you want to, you can simply upload these workouts to your feed and presto! Good to go. Or, if you’re looking for more customization, you can check out how to use categories for your workouts.

Next Step: How to Use Categories on Playbook