Maximize your earnings using your landing page link

How your landing page link works:

Every creator on Playbook gets their own unique link. Here is an example:

This link pulls info from your channel - your picture, bio, latest workouts, etc and hosts them in a good-looking splash page where all your customers can sign-up via credit card - bypassing Apple and Android's 30% fee.

  • Credit card processing fee: 2-5% depending on geography
  • Playbook fee: 20%
  • You keep 75%-78% of the total subscription revenue

Users coming through your link

If a user subscribes to Playbook through your link, you keep that user's subscription for the life of the user. Regardless if they are following other trainers on Playbook.

Users not coming through your link

If a user does not come through your link, you get paid based on the amount of time the user is watching your content just like Spotify or Netflix.

The link experience is a better experience for your users too!

When a user clicks the link: They go to your splash page to learn more about your offering > The app downloads > Automatically plays your intro video > Every time the user opens the app, it opens to your channel first

Where to place your link?

  • Instagram bio
  • Instrgram stories
  • Bottom of your Instagram post
  • Email
  • Twitter bio
  • Facebook bio
  • Website