How Playbook’s $1 Trial Sets You Up for Success


  • New users can try your app for just $1 for their first month

  • Use your sales landing page to promote the $1 trial — share it everywhere!

  • The $1 trial is proven to turn trial users into subscribers, which means more revenue for you long-term

Starting your own online business is no easy endeavor. But don’t worry, you’ve got the tech (and the team!) to push you forward, ensuring you can provide your fans with a subscription app they truly can’t live without. To help any fan who’s on the fence and to help you grow your subscribers, Playbook has designed a first month deal that can’t be beat.

What’s the $1 Trial?

Your fans can get a first-month subscription to your app for only $1 (the payment plan will then automatically renew at the normal monthly rate of $14.99). This allows individuals to try out your app and access a full month of workouts for an incredibly low price. It also creates the need for you to hook your trial users during the first month and convert them into paid subscribers!

For conversion tips, check out our article on how to grow your subscribers.

How Do I Share the $1 Trial?

Your sales landing page is your digital storefront — it needs to be easy to find so people can subscribe to your app. Your sales page should never be more than one or two clicks away.

To find and share your sales page in the Playbook Creator app, click the profile icon in the lower right corner.

On the next page, click “Promote” at the top. Here, you can copy and share your sales landing page link, your $1 discount, or a gift subscription.

Put this link everywhere, including your:

  • Instagram bio

  • Facebook page

  • Twitter bio

  • TikTok bio

  • Website homepage

  • Linktree menu

  • Email newsletters

  • YouTube video descriptions

  • Instagram post descriptions

Remember, when marketing your app, always refer to “my app” instead of “Playbook,” “my Playbook app” or “my Playbook.” The reason is you want people to sign up through your sales page rather than searching for Playbook on the app store and downloading it. You only earn revenue when subscribers sign up directly through you.

Will I Lose Revenue With the $1 Trial?

You don’t make the same amount of money for one month of the $1 trial as you do for one month of a regular subscription. But there’s a reason that we’ve kept the $1 trial around even with this knowledge — because it does an amazing job at gaining new subscribers quickly and it has proven to turn those subscribers into regularly paying customers. Using the promo to show your fans how much they get with a monthly subscription means they’ll already be dedicated (and stoked!) when their regular subscription rolls around.

In fact, we can tell you for certain that most creators on the platform do not see any serious revenue growth unless they offer the $1 trial.

Take, for example, a creator who opted out of offering the $1 trial. This creator decided they wanted to offer only the full priced monthly and annual subscription options between January and April of 2021.

This creator was hovering at around 500 subscribers during that time period with little growth. Take a look at how their subscriptions soared when they went back to offering the $1 trial in early April (and have continued to do so ever since!):

How to Talk About the $1 Trial

The $1 trial sounds too good to be true, but it actually works when it comes to subscriber growth. Your content is amazing — we know this, now it’s time for the world to see it, too! The $1 deal makes your content more accessible to more fans, meaning more fun (and more money) for you long term.

When it comes to promoting the $1 trial, share what potential subscribers will get from your app. Make it clear and concise what value users will get by signing up for the $1 trial.

Here are some examples:

  • Exclusive, app-only workouts

  • One-on-one community

  • New workouts added every week

  • The type of content you’ll offer on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis

  • Examples of long-form and short-form content you’ll offer

  • Any insights you offer, like nutrition or meditation guides

  • The $1 joining offer breaks down to just $0.27/day with an annual subscription

If you’re not sure how to describe the $1 trial, here’s a sample Instagram post caption you can customize and share:

Hey guys! My brand-new app is now available! 📲 Try it out for just $1 for the first month (link in bio).

Here are just a few things you’ll get with your subscription:

✅ Access to app-only workouts

✅ New workouts added WEEKLY

✅ New programs and categories MONTHLY

✅ New challenges QUARTERLY

✅ Nutritional content

✅ At-home and gym workouts

✅ Access to my private Facebook group

✅ And that’s just the beginning!

Click my link in bio to download my app for just $1. What do you have to lose?

I can’t wait for you to start working out with me! LET’S GO! 💪💪💪💪

$1 Trial Social Post Examples

Check out the following Instagram Story examples from Playbook Creator Pineapple Brat, who does an incredible job of promoting her app with a $1 joining offer:

Here’s another example from Pineapple Brat’s Instagram profile, where she includes the $1 trial offer in her bio:

And lastly, here’s an Instagram post example post from Pineapple Brat, where she promotes the $1 trial in both the image and caption:

Learn how to create your own promotional Instagram images with our Canva templates and step-by-step instructions.