Pre-Selling Your Launch: Best Practices

Are you stoked to start pre-selling your new app? SAME HERE! We rounded up some stellar examples of pre-selling done right. But before we get to creators who will inspire your pre-selling efforts, let’s talk some simple ways to spruce up your pre-selling plan.

Set up an email capture

We know you’re probably scratching your head and thinking “What in the world is an email capture?” An email capture is a form that collects emails. If you already have an existing website, you’ll want to create this in order to collect emails so you can then use those emails to communicate and tell people to subscribe to your app once you’ve launched.

Want to become a master email marketer? Here’s our guide to all things email.

Pre-selling is designed to make Launch Day fun, stress-free, and full of new friends! It’s also easy to do when you’re PUMPED about the content you’re going to be putting out there. Are you pumped? We’re pumped! Launch Day is the best day!

Clean up your bio

Your social media bio is a great snapshot of what you’re all about. AKA this is a perfect place to broadcast your fancy new app! Scream it from the rooftops! Here’s what a dynamite bio looks like:


See how clear and to-the-point Alex’s bio is? She tells you what her qualifications are and points you to her direct link without overcrowding her bio — a masterpiece!

Set up an IG highlight

You’re going to be talking about your app a LOT (because it’s awesome)! Making a specific Instagram highlight for all things app will give your followers an easy way to see all the necessary details. Check out what Devon did below:


His “My App” highlight has that snazzy Playbook logo? Pretty sweet, right? His app highlight is also at the beginning of his highlights, which means he’s updating it consistently.

Your stories in this highlight should go over what the app is, when it’s launching, sneak peaks, and swipe-up links that lead people to your sales link.

Don’t mention Playbook!

Is your app being launched through Playbook? Yes. Should you say “Playbook” when you’re talking about your app? NO! This will confuse your followers — you’re who they’re excited to follow! This means you should say “my app” instead of “my Playbook app” or “my Playbook.” We’re here to help but you’re the star!

Here are some examples of pre-selling to inspire you!

Take a look at how Ruba Ali got her fans excited about Launch Day!

Ruba made sure to make her Launch Day a celebration — which is exactly what it is!

Sneak peaks of workouts are a great way to get people excited! Arash Rahbar showed his followers exactly what they could expect (with a detailed caption to match!)

Arash didn’t stop at launch week — he made sure to remind his followers about the benefits of subscribing to the app.

Ida Jemina made sure her community knew all the deets about her app before launch!

Referencing specific features in the app is a great way to get followers excited even after your launch day. Check out how Ida keeps her followers updated on new workouts and challenges (makes you want to subscribe, right?).

Now that you know what awesome pre-selling looks like, it’s time to get going!

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