Pre-Selling Your Launch: What Is It

There’s a lot that goes into launching your app, from filming to planning to keeping everything on schedule. It’s hard work, but it’s exciting!

It’s important to share this process with your fans! Getting people excited about the launch of your app is called pre-selling. Here’s exactly why you need to and best practices.

What is pre-selling? Why is it important?

Pre-selling is the act of marketing to convince people to buy your product before it’s available. Think about a movie trailer: they create intrigue and an entire marketing campaign to go with it in order to drive up ticket sales. Consistently advertising your app before you launch ensures that when you do launch you’ll have subscribers. If you don’t put work into pre-selling, you’re going to lose out on a bunch of potential customers, setting yourself behind.

Direct everything to your sales link

You will be using your sales link (we suggest you create an email capture page to use — when you go live, we'll send you a standard link to continue to use!) in all of your pre-sell posts. This ensures that the people you pick up during pre-sales become your subscriber directly and you gain their money once the app launches. You should put this link everywhere.

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube bio

  • Top position in LinkTree

  • Pinned post on Facebook and Twitter

  • Sneak peeks of workout programs that will be available on your app

  • In the description of your top 10 YouTube videos

ALL your posts (Instagram stories, TikTok, regular social posts, etc.) should drive people to click on this link and sign up.

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