Pre-Selling Your Launch: Your Game Plan

Now that you know what pre-selling is, it’s time to make an action plan. We firmly believe that preparation is the way to success — when you’ve got a game plan, you don’t run the risk of forgetting anything!

You need 15 “touches” before Launch Day.

Not talking about your product or only mentioning it once will not sell. Marketers suggest 15 “touches” over a period of time to get people interested in your product. That means you should mention your product at least 15 times to your audience to get them to think about buying.

Where to “touch:”

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedTree

  • YouTube

  • Website (if you have one)

  • Email (if you have an email list)

  • Any other social platform you interact with your audience on

How to “touch:”

  • Update social bios announcing app launch (make sure to put your Direct Sales Link in your bio!)

  • Announce “something big” is coming

  • Post daily Instagram stories talking about your new app

  • Create a pinned Instagram highlight for your app

  • Post a promo video on Facebook and YouTube

  • Share transformation photos (and even a review!) from previous clients

Get creative with what your touches look like! Everyone responds to styles of messaging differently, so changing up how you tell people about your app will help you reach more people.

When should I start pre-selling?

There’s a fine balance between giving yourself enough time to leave an excited impression and having too much time (where people can lose track and lose interest). We recommend pre-selling a month before your app launches — slowly at first, ramping up the posts as the finish line gets closer. Here’s a schedule example to get the creative juices flowing:

  • 4 weeks before launch
    • Instagram story video talking about brainstorming content for your new app

    • 1-2 social posts introducing app

    • Begin focusing on email lists (we’ll get to email marketing soon!)

  • 3 weeks before launch:
    • Sneak peek of workout that will be available on your app
      • A sneak peek means a teaser, do NOT give away a whole workout

    • 1-2 social posts discussing app

    • Email with sneak peek of Launch Day content (give your email subscribers exclusive content — this will encourage others to subscribe!)

  • 2 weeks before launch:
    • Instagram story talking about how excited you are about your app

    • 2-4 social posts discussing content on the app (and the benefits of subscribing)

    • Email discussing benefits of your app

  • 1 week before launch:
    • Daily countdown on Instagram stories

    • 4-6 social posts discussing Launch Day (and why people want to be subscribed)

    • Email at the beginning of the week reminding people of Launch Day

    • Email on Launch Day (yay!!)

Emphasize your value

In order for people to give you their hard-earned money, they need to believe they are getting something valuable in return. Playbook’s annual subscription is $99.99. The psychology behind buying anything that is $100 is to think about the purchase and whether you really need it. Make them need it!

Assist your potential subscribers by telling them exactly what they will find on your app and how valuable it is.

For example, you could do what our creator FitGurlMel did on Instagram.

As you can see, she told you that if you subscribe you’ll get…

  • A never-before-seen program

  • New workouts every week

  • Training from anywhere

  • A variety of goals to choose from

  • Exclusive access to nutrition classes

  • A $1 joining offer

That’s how you get people to buy subscriptions.

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