The 411 on Playbook’s More Tab

Your Playbook Creator app holds a LOT of information. Metrics and videos and messages, oh my! The final section of your account, the infamous More tab, houses a variety of things that help you be the best creator possible. Get to know this tab, you’ll be spending a lot of time here.

  • Exercise Library: Where all your saved exercises are stored
    • Recent: Exercises are stored in chronological order

    • Exercises: Exercises are stored in alphabetical order

  • Edit Profile: This is where all your personal information is stored (if you need a refresher, here’s an article all about setting up your profile)

  • Payments: This lets you connect your Stripe account to Playbook (cha-ching!)

  • Promo Assets: Where you can find Instagram story images to share and bring in more subscribers

  • Creator Academy: Hey, it’s us again! Here’s where we’ll put resources to help you grow your business

  • Email Us: Need some help? Look no further — access our support specialists 24/7

  • Terms & Conditions: What to expect from Playbook and what Playbook expects from you

  • Sign Out: But why would you want to?

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