The Best Practices for Filming Workout Videos

Lights. Camera. Action! It’s time to get yourself in front of the camera to start filming. If you’re a little camera shy, don’t worry. Our best practices for filming will make you a pro in no time.

What you need to film:

  • Intro video

  • Five workouts (reference your handy dandy list you just made!)

  • Social media clips
    • Extra workout moves

    • Behind the scenes clips

    • Selfie videos talking to get people excited about the app

Filming tips & tricks

Things like lighting, location, and personality are all important when filming your videos to produce the best content to catch your subscribers attention and keep them coming back for more.

Best practices:

  • Find the best natural lighting you can or consider purchasing a light (like this one!) to help

  • Film against solid backgrounds (white and light colors are best)

  • Look presentable and put-together, not like you just rolled out of bed
    • We recommend filming multiple videos in one day

  • Reduce noise (including music) so people can hear you

  • If speaking, project your voice

  • When filming videos, make sure to reference “my app,” NOT “my Playbook, Playbook, Playbook app, etc.”

  • Purchase a tripod for clear videos

  • Be energetic, positive, and enthusiastic

  • Film in portrait (this means vertical videos!) for short-form videos

  • Film in landscape (this means horizontal videos!) for long-form/class-type videos

Short-form video filming

For single exercises and circuit videos make sure to:

  • Film in portrait (this means vertical videos!)

  • Demonstrate the move from the best possible angle: you want to make sure users can see your full form

  • Perform 3-5 reps: fully show the user how to perform the move a few times in a row

  • Point out tips: if there’s something the user should know about form, weight, common mistakes, etc. tell them in the video (and make a note to write it in the exercise description)

Long-form video filming

If filming a class to be uploaded to Video Library > Class, make sure to:

  • Film in landscape (this means horizontal videos!)

  • Demonstrate the move from the best possible angle: you want to make sure users can see your full form

  • Keep the workout flowing: if a user is watching a long video you have to help them move through it with your narration

Social media clips

Don’t forget to film extra clips to use on social media! Have fun with these — the whole point is to get people excited about what is to come!

Some social media clips could be:

  • Promo video

  • Workout sneak peek

  • Countdown

Check out what one of our star creators, Nick Bare, did on Instagram.

Shooting short promo videos (like Nick did!) and behind the scenes footage helps build hype for launch day.

It’s also important to showcase your personality on social media! You want people to want to workout with you. Nina does a great job at giving a workout sneak peak while also making it clear how much fun you’ll have.

Once you’ve filmed your workout, you can save it in your workout library. When you’re ready to post a workout (that’s next!) you can pull from your library. We’ll show you how to do that next!

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